Lip shades that remind us of sweet beverages like milk teas and lattes are undoubtedly everyone’s favourite.

Most “milk tea” lippies are often neutral yet absolutely flattering, which is why we’re obsessed with them. One particular shade we’re loving right now is “cinnamon milk tea”, a muted red with brown undertones – perfect for every occasion.

To help you find your ideal lippie, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most talked-about lipsticks. Don’t worry, we’ve got options for every budget!

Rouge Dior Forever in #200 Forever Nude Touch

Photo source: @小婉婉_柜姐/XiaoHongShu

One can never move on from how gorgeous shade #200 from Dior’s Rouge Dior Forever line is.

It has a burnt red hue mixed with brown undertones so it reminds us of a warm cup of cinnamon milk tea.

With its matte finish, you can swipe the bullet on the centre of your lips for a diffused and just-bitten lip look.

You’ll also be getting the softest pout with its hydrating formula. Each lippie from the Rouge Dior collection boasts red peony extract which gives your lips deep nourishment.

We’ve raved about this in the past, so get all the full details here!

Rouge Dior Forever in #200 Forever Nude Touch retails for RM175, available at

Peripera Ink Velvet in 25 Cinnamon Nude

Photo source: @糖糖糖馒头/XiaoHongShu and @JANNIESDAY/XiaoHongShu

Peripera is one of the K-beauty brands that have been popping off on Xiao Hong Shu and TikTok recently.

Whether you want to go for a bold lip look or one that’s sheerer, the Ink Velvet collection should help you achieve just that.

One shade that stands out is the Ink Velvet 25 Cinnamon Nude. This perfect mix of brown and brick red makes for a great “cinnamon milk tea” option.

True to its name, this bottle of lipstick will give you a great velvet finish.

Peripera Ink Velvet in 25 Cinnamon Nude retails for RM49, available at Shopee.

Etude Fixing Tint Nudifull Espresso in #Vanilla Cream

Photo source: @无语子801/XiaoHongShu

Despite its name, you won’t be getting a fully beige hue with this lippie. You’ll still see a milky, brown-toned hue when you swipe this pale pink shade on.

It has a hydro-matte finish that blends seamlessly for the most natural-looking pout. The formula is also smudge-resistant – perfect for mask-wearing.

Etude Fixing Tint Nudifull Espresso in #Vanilla Cream retails for RM35, available at Shopee.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick in Claret

Photo source: @咪你一口/XiaoHongShu

Stand out from the rest with this “cinnamon milk tea” lipstick that has a high-shine finish and a bold, rich red shade.

It isn’t as muted as your usual “cinnamon milk tea” shades, but it’s great for date nights or when you want a power lip. The formula also boasts hyaluronic acid to keep your lips supple and plump.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick in Claret retails for RM139, available at Sephora.

NARS Powermatte Lipstick in #121 Free Bird

Photo source: @舌灿桃花/XiaoHongShu

This intense “cinnamon milk tea” shade has a tinge of orange undertones for a punch of vibrant colour.

Glide this lippie across your lips for bold colour that lasts for 10 hours. Thanks to its Power Pigment Complex, it has a blend of pure pigments and nourishing ingredients for lasting colour.

NARS Powermatte Lipstick in #121 Free Bird retails for RM140, available at NARS.

Canmake Melty Luminous Rouge in #04

Photo source: @一只晴梨/XiaoHongShu

The sheerness of this lippie makes us want to call it a “jelly lipstick”. Because of its texture, dressing your lips in this gives your lips an irresistible, candy-like appearance.

Its shade is definitely more brown compared to others on our list, which makes it a darker, richer shade that has an alluring vibe.

Canmake Melty Luminous Rouge #04 retails for RM69.90, available at Guardian.

Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte in #274 Killing Me Softly

Photo source: @仙女的月亮/XiaoHongShu

For a pinker variation of a “cinnamon milk tea” lipstick, try the Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte in shade #274 Killing Me Softly.

Instead of a red undertone, this lippie has a pink one. This makes the entire shade slightly lighter and rosier than the others.

It blurs the lips ever so slightly for a diffused, just-kisssed look. You might even forget that you’re wearing lipstick too because of its lightweight formula.

Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte #274 Killing Me Softly retails for RM253, available at Zalora.