Now that restrictions have eased, some of us are itching for a change. After all, we’ve had quite enough of feeling so down and deflated. So if you’re looking to switch things up, starting with a haircut, we’ve got just the style for you.

Enter the box bob, an instantly and effortlessly volumising haircut. If it’s got you conjuring up fabulous images of flapper girls à la The Great Gatsby, you’ll want to update that mental image to today’s equally snazzy version.

Stay with us, because you’ll definitely want to ask your hairstylist for this flattering cut the next time you visit.

Where have we seen it?

Image credit: @ssinz7 on Instagram

You’ve already seen it on celebrities the world over, post-Covid lockdown, because let’s face it: aren’t we all sick of staring at our lifeless hair with outgrown layers or a perm that’s deflated?

From the likes of Hollywood celebrities like Kristen Bell to Korean actresses like Park Shin Hye, the box bob as the secret to limp hair is a secret no longer.

As its name suggests, the box bob is a simple short chop in the shape of a box (think clean, straight lines) without the need for a perm or even layers cut in. Yep, that’s right, you can get the volume without needing to do any of the extra things that have the potential to go dreadfully wrong.

How should we style it?

Unlike paper cut and sliced bobs which have to be styled pencil straight, the box bob is one of those amazingly versatile hairstyles that can be styled wavy or sleek, changing the way you look effortlessly.

The best way to style it though, is with a tousled wave for maximum oomph.

Image credit: @kristenanniebell on Instagram

Style your bob using a hair straightener to create a soft bend in the hair, or create an S-shaped wave for a more relaxed look.

Image credit: @ninanesbitt on Instagram

If you still prefer a sleeker ‘do, look to Scottish singer Nina Nesbit, who rocks this cut so effortlessly. Natural hair texture, air-dried – check. Tuck it in behind the ears for extra cool girl points. A hair lift without the frills, what’s not to love?

Who suits this bob?

The best thing about this hairstyle is that absolutely anyone can pull it off. Whatever your face shape or hair texture, the box bob can be yours. Of course, this hairstyle is probably the best news for those with fine and flat hair, because you’ll be benefitting the most from this volumising haircut.

Image credit: @jennadewan on Instagram

Ask for some tweaks to complement your specific face shape. For example, do ask for bangs if you’ve got a longer face to make your face look visually smaller.

As for those of use with rounder faces? Keep more length through the front of the haircut – it’s that simple! Count us 100% sold on this effortlessly volumising hairstyle.

Featured image credits: Left @ninanesbitt on Instagram, Right @hairbysamdorling on Instagram