It may be the year of the Tiger, but those of us who were born at the very end of the Chinese zodiac wish for some love too!

Fortunately for us, we have found the perfect item for those who were born in the last four years of the zodiac cycle. But even if you weren’t born in those years, you’re going to want these because of just how cute they are.

In come these adorable zodiac animal-shaped highlighters that look like they’re stored in translucent eggs, waiting for you to open them up.

Zodiac Animal-Shaped Highlighters All Animals

Each highlighter is shaped like the respective zodiac animal in 3D, and comes with intricate details.

There are four different zodiac animals, all in various shades. There’s the white-coloured Chicken, the bronze-coloured Piggy, the golden-coloured Monkey, and the red-coloured Doggy.

Zodiac Animal-Shaped Highlighters Shades

The highlighters are quite pigmented too and shine brightly due to its pearlescent shimmers. When the sunlight hits your face with these powders on, you’re really going to shine!

Perhaps if some of the colours are too intense, you can mix it to create a new colour altogether. We can already think of the beautiful new edge these are going to give to our makeup.

We’re definitely going to be picking these cute zodiac animal-shaped highlighters up, but we’re also going to hope that they release all of the zodiac animals soon. Which of these are your favourite?

The GUICAMI Zodiac Highlighters retail for RM38 on Shopee.

Featured image credit: Shopee