We’re all about collecting the latest in adorable beauty products, even if we have to wait for them to arrive on our shores.

Today’s product is one that we have been keeping our eye on ever since it released internationally, and we’re so ecstatic now that it’s finally available in Malaysia.

Zeesea Space Cat Highlighting Blush product

Check out C-beauty brand Zeesea’s Space Cat Highlighting Blush, we seriously can’t get over how cute it looks.

Just look at the adorable cat embossed on the product, at how it’s covering its eyes with its paws as if playing peek-a-boo with you.

And if you thought that was precious, wait till we tell you that it can actually spin a full 360 degrees, and at a pretty fast speed too. (Watch the video of this in the Instagram post above – slide to the second post!)

We can already imagine all the idle fun we’ll have just watching the cute cat twirl and twirl. If you get tired of it, just open the product to stop it from spinning.

Zeesea Space Cat Highlighting Blush swatches

As the name suggests, it is both a highlighter and a blush, but the colour is pigmented enough that you can totally use it as an eyeshadow too.

There are three shades available: #01 has more orange tones, #02 is a neutral rose, and #03 is in a brighter pink shade.

The Zeesea Space Cat Highlighting Blush retails for RM70 on Shopee.

Featured image credit: zeeseacosmetics