Local brand Wunderbath is always impressive with their soap and bath bomb designs. Usually shaped like food and other goodies, their items are also handmade, vegan, cruelty-free, SLS-free, and paraben-free.

Some of the items they featured the previous Lunar New Year included Mandarin Orange soap (tangerine scent), Bun Bun soap (pandan scent), and Prosperity Coin soap (tangerine scent).

Wunderbath LNY 2021

This year, the brand not only has these items back in stock but have also launched some new items. We can’t help but be extra excited for them – and as always, each item is loving crafted, looks so good you can eat them, and smell tantalizing too!

Fortune Cookie Soap

Wunderbath LNY 2022 Fortune Cookie Soap

The product we’re most excited for is no doubt the tangerine-scented Fortune Cookie soap. Besides its design that looks like an actual fortune cookie, it even contains a real fortune inside!

We can’t help but imagine the kind of fortune we might get when using this. Aren’t you tempted to try your luck and see what kind of fortune awaits you this coming Lunar New Year?

The Fortune Cookie soap retails for RM24.90 on Wunderbath’s official website.

Pineapple Tart Hand Sanitiser

Wunderbath LNY 2022 Angpao Soap

We never would’ve imagined we could sanitise our hands with the delicious scent of our favourite Lunar New Year cookies, but now we can.

Worry not as this is formulated with 75% alcohol, has been lab tested, and is proven to kill 99.999% germs. Say goodbye to the usual strong alcohol smell as this product has gooey pineapple jam as its top note and buttery pastry as its bottom note.

The Pineapple Tart Hand Sanitiser retails for RM18.90 on Wunderbath’s official website.

Angpow Soap

Wunderbath LNY 2022 Angpao Soap

Opt for this unique lavender honeysuckle-scented Angpow Soap instead of giving the typical red packet during Lunar New Year.

This item comes embedded with a real RM1 by default. You can even customise this item to change the value inside the soap, with the maximum amount being RM100.

The Angpow Soap retails for RM19.60 on Wunderbath’s official website.

Mandarin Oranges Soap

Wunderbath LNY 2022 Mandarin Oranges Soap

Can you spot the difference between this year’s Mandarin Oranges soap and last year’s Mandarin Oranges soap?

This year’s Oranges soap sports a little bulb atop the fruit, giving it a semi-pear shape due to resembling the Sumo Mandarin. We can’t help but prefer it this way because it looks even more realistic.

The Mandarin Oranges Soap retails for RM28.90 on Wunderbath’s official website.

If you’ve gone heads over heels for the brand and want to check out the rest of their Lunar New Year collection, you can go to their official website where they have tons of gift sets. You can also check out some of their items on Zalora too.

Featured image credit: Wunderbath