When it comes to shopping for daily essentials or beauty products, where is your go-to spot?

Chances are, you’ve visited a Watsons store at some point, whether to do some window shopping or to purchase daily essentials or beauty products.

And as you step into the store, you’re often greeted by a friendly staff who hands you a basket. At first glance, this simple gesture may seem insignificant, but have you ever wondered why you’re given a basket despite only purchasing one item off the shelves?

As it turns out, there is a fascinating backstory. At Daily Vanity, we’re passionate about uncovering the mysteries of the beauty industry, so let us share with you the secrets behind this tactic.

So…this is the reason why!

The practice of Watsons staffs offering baskets to shoppers as they enter the store has left many confused.

A Redditor post about their encounter with a Watsons staff who urged them to take a basket to meet a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) has stirred curiosity and prompt if this action is some sort of customer service strategies.

However, a tweet by a self-proclaimed former Watsons staff has shed light onto this practice. The tweet revealed that offering baskets is part of their KPI and requested customers to accept them even if they only intended to purchase a single item. This news has surprised many netizens who were previously unaware of this fact.

A fellow Twitter user also shared their observation that the cashier scanned their basket, leading them to believe that they would be charged extra for it. To their surprise, they later discovered that it was only for the purpose of data collection.

In response, some netizens have expressed their gratitude and promised to accept the baskets offered by the employees. One particular netizen tweeted that he would request for a basket from the staff despite the intention of purchasing a single item.

Next time you stroll into Watsons, think about taking the basket offered by their friendly employees – even if you only need to pick up a single item. While their job responsibilities and performance goals play a role, it’s also a simple act of kindness that can make their workday just a little bit brighter.

After all, a small gesture of appreciation can go a long way in making someone feel valued.