The mention of White Rabbit candy instantly triggers a rush of nostalgia. It transports us back to our childhood, when we enjoyed these milk candies with their edible wrappers with friends and family.

Over time, this iconic delight has experienced a revival in more trendy variations. These include White Rabbit ice creams, stylish tote bags, and most recently, beauty products.

The White Rabbit candy perfume offers sweet nostalgia

Produced by Chinese brand, Gudu, the line features several exciting beauty goodies that emulate the iconic flavours of our childhood snack.

Containing notes of milk, coconut, and brown sugar, it’s received quite a bit of traction on social media for just how similar it smells to the original milk candy.

Credit: Sea salt and pears/Xiao Hong Shu

Going into greater detail, one reviewer explained in her on her YouTube video that the fragrance was akin to full cream milk and butter, with no trace of an artificial scent at all.

We love how adorable the logo on the glass packaging is, and appreciate how the milky colour of the perfume stays true to the original candy as well.

Credits: belonging to a fragrance series/Xiao Hong Shu

It comes in a 30ml regular-sized version, a smaller spray that’s convenient for travelling, and a solid perfume in a tin container.

Gudu White Rabbit Candy Perfume retails for RM17.75 to RM24.92 at Shopee.

There’s even a hand cream and lip balm in the collection too

If you’d like to indulge in the signature sweet and milky scent in other ways, get the collection’s gift set, which features a sample-size version of the perfume, a hand cream, and a lip balm.

Slather on some White Rabbit hand cream to treat your skin to some milky goodness, or keep your lips moisturised all day long with the creamy lip balm!

Priced affordably at less than RM20, this set is an absolute must-get for all White Rabbit candy lovers.

Gudu White Rabbit hand cream, lip balm, and perfume set retails for RM19 at Shopee.

Featured image credit: Sea salt and pears, pudding ball, belonging to a fragrance series/Xiao Hong Shu