Some individuals purchase makeup items because of their distinct colours, while others are drawn to the appealing packaging. But have you ever considered buying makeup solely based on their shade names?

Although most people tend to focus on the flattering colors, shade names often go unnoticed. After all, it is the quality and appearance of a product that initially captures our attention.

Nevertheless, we have come across some unexpectedly amusing shade names from well-known brands. These names range from adorable and eccentric to peculiar and slightly unsettling. So, keep reading to discover more!

Perfect Diary

This viral video by Nicole (@lielnicole) showcases lip products from Perfect Diary, a C-beauty brand. The lipsticks have unique names like ‘Try Me’ and ‘Whatever’, which are unexpectedly aggressive choices for makeup.


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The names of the shades seem to tell the story of a failed relationship, starting from ‘Nice To Meet You’ and ‘You Make Me Melt’, and eventually progressing to ‘You Deserve Better’ and ‘Love Hurts’.

Credits: @lielnicole/TikTok

Nicole even suggests that the brand’s name is fitting, as the shade names resemble someone pouring their heart out in a personal diary.

Perfect Diary’s range of lipsticks retail for RM54.89 to RM65.89 on Shopee.

Aside from their lipsticks, Perfect Diary has come up with many innovative product ideas. Their animal-themed Explorer Eyeshadow Palette, in particular, has taken the Asian beauty world by storm.

One example is the cat-themed Explorer Eyeshadow Palette in shade 09, which features charming names inspired by felines.

Cat lovers will appreciate shades like ‘Cat Bell’ and ‘Rattan Ball’, named after their furry friend’s favorite toys. There are also shades like ‘Paws’ and ‘Tail’, which capture the cutest features of cats.

Slightly less adorable are the shades named after food that cats enjoy, such as ‘Dried Fish’. This sparkly silver shade bears a striking resemblance to fish scales. So, if you think your feline companion’s dinner has an (extremely) underrated aesthetic appeal, Perfect Diary understands your perspective.

Perfect Diary’s Explorer Eyeshadow Palettes retail for RM94.49 each on Shopee.


To be fair, many peculiar shade names from Asian brands are frequently the result of poor translation across languages. That’s our theory, at least. How else can we make sense of C-beauty brand Judydoll’s shade name choices?

Their most recent collection showcases two eyeshadow palettes. One of them is named ‘Worries Bean Gone’, a delightful pun that relates to the immensely popular red bean shades in the world of makeup.

Photo credit: @judydoll_official/Instagram

On the other hand, the second one is called ‘Happy Peach No Escape’, which might sound a little too foreboding for a collection of cozy peachy shades.

Judydoll’s Hug Series Eyeshadow Palettes can be found on Judydoll’s website.

Urban Decay

The Western beauty industry is also no stranger to using questionable names for their shades.

Urban Decay, known for their bold and unconventional approach to makeup, once introduced a brown eyeshadow. Its rich hue resembled that of hot chocolate or polished wood.

What did Urban Decay decide to name this shade? ‘Roach’. Like the pest.

The brand also once produced a shimmery dark green eyeshadow stick, unappealingly named ‘Mildew’.

Fortunately or unfortunately, both ‘Roach’ and ‘Mildew’ have since been discontinued.

Too Faced

We’ve kept the most intriguing and peculiar shade for the grand finale, a name that will surely leave you puzzled.

Too Faced’s Melted Liquified Longwear Lipsticks used to have delightful names like ‘Melted Candy’ and ‘Melted Peony’, paying homage to the melted lipsticks that sparked the creation of this collection.

However, amidst these charming names, Too Faced also introduced a shade called ‘Melted Chihuahua’. Yes, you read that right.

‘Melted Chihuahua’ is a lovely dusky pink shade, and in our opinion, not at all reminiscent of chihuahuas. Hence, this shade name is a startling choice, probably alienating more than one horrified dog owner.

This particular shade has been discontinued, and the line now has updated shade names, which is perhaps for the better.

If you found this article interesting, keep an eye out for unique shade names next time you go makeup shopping. You might stumble upon some hidden treasures!

Featured image credits: @lielnicole/TikTok