These two local beauty products are on the Ministry of Health’s banned list – are you using them?

Local brand VSL Beauty Care has an array of different products such as soaps, night creams, day creams, and toners.

But did you know some of their products are on the Ministry of Health Malaysia’s (MOH) banned list?

Recently, a Tiktok user – and pharmacist – by the handle of @fatina2711 shared two products from this brand that are banned due to the harm they could potentially do to your face.

Banned toners toners

In her video, she talks about VSL’s Beauty Care Toner A and Beauty Care Toner B which were first approved by the MOH but shortly after were withdrawn and banned.

Both toners are alleged to contain a very dangerous scheduled poison known as Hydroquinone, which can cause redness of the skin, discomfort, skin discolouration, and hypersensitive skin.

Not only that; Hydroquinone can also inhibit the pigmentation process, thin the skin barrier, and increase the risk of skin cancer.

Over a long period of use, the skin can develop black spots (exogenous ochronosis) and these can be permanent and difficult to treat.

Although these two products have been banned, there are various sellers online and offline still peddling these products.

While you may see short-term effects when using these toners, the possible long-term effects are dangerous and cannot be ignored. Here’s a general reminder to always make sure to research the beauty product before purchasing!