Every once in a while, a fresh viral trend challenges everything we thought we knew about beauty.

Currently, an unusual craze has captivated Chinese social media platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu – the pursuit of “perfect hands”.

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

Are these hands the next great beauty standard, or is this merely a fleeting and absurd trend?

Keep reading to find out what netizens are saying, and the simple steps required to attain this aesthetic!

What Are “Perfect Hands”?

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

For many Chinese netizens, it seems that “perfect hands” must be delicate, slender, and pale, with elegant long fingers and prominent veins.

Moreover, rosy knuckles can further enhance the overall look of one’s hands, adding dimension and vitality to their appearance.

Netizens have observed that this trend seems to be influenced by popular art styles commonly seen in Chinese webcomics, making you resemble a protagonist straight out of a manhua!

How to Achieve This Effect?

In a video explaining this viral trend, beauty content creator Kyurin (@kyurindiary/Tiktok) reveals the two easy steps required to get these desirable “perfect hands”.

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

To start off, make sure you use a tone-up cream as your base. Tone-up creams are meant to address dullness and discoloration, by brightening your skin tone and blurring any blemishes.

These creams are typically lighter than your natural skin tone, so they’ll give your hands a bright and fair appearance, although it may look slightly unnatural.

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

Now comes the most important step, where you’ll add a touch of redness to create that perfect ethereal look for your hands.

According to Kyurin, using a velvety red matte lip tint will easily help you achieve this desired effect.

Simply dot the pigment on your knuckles and blend it out! You’ll have a lovely rosy flush on your hands, just like a character from an illustration.

What Are People Saying About This Trend?

On Instagram and Tiktok, people have responded with a mix of amusement and disbelief.

Many commenters find this trend to be creative and visually appealing in pictures, while others have mentioned that it may not be entirely unrealistic.

Some netizens have pointed out that achieving this look is quite simple if one’s hands are cold, and many individuals naturally have hands similar to this ideal.

Nevertheless, there are also users who have mocked this trend on the Internet.

“So unnecessary in my opinion, next they’ll do this to their feet,” said one commenter. Another horrified netizen noted that “it’s looking like an infection”.


Viral Perfect Hand Care routine on Chinese social media (Douyin + xiaohongshu) 🤲🏻‼️💃 What do you think? Would you try? ⬇️ Comment below ⬇️ I honestly would go for a hand spa in China 😍 it seems so relaxing 😌🧚 #paleskin #handcare #douyin #douyinchina #douyinmakeup #chinesemakeup #chinesebeauty #cbeauty #fypシ #foryou

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Some pragmatic netizens have highlighted the lack of practicality in this trend.

“It seems super inconvenient…imagine smudging that hand makeup all over some paperwork,” one user commented.

Another commenter complained that “I tried it once and it only lasted until I washed my hands”.

Credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.

If you’re not willing to put in extra effort to achieve this appearance, other commenters have come up with easier methods to achieve the same effect.

Their innovative suggestions range from placing your hands in the fridge, to washing dishes without wearing kitchen gloves.

“I mean, you can always punch something to get red knuckles for a while,” joked one user.

So, will you join this peculiar obsession with getting “perfect hands”?

Featured image credits: @kyurindiary/Tiktok.