Looking to tackle those pesky dark undereye circles and achieve a flawless complexion? This incredible Japanese brightening powder from CANMAKE is exactly what you need.

CANMAKE’s Silky Loose Moist Powder has been causing a stir on social media, and for good reason. Not only does it work wonders in brightening your skin, but it also ensures that your makeup stays flawless and intact all day long.

If you’re intrigued by this magical product, keep on reading for information on the range of shades available, user reviews, and much more!

What Makes This Powder So Popular?

This loose powder is known for giving the skin a silky-smooth finish. Not only does it give your complexion a natural and flawless look by concealing pores, but it also has a brightening effect that helps to enhance your skin’s radiance.

Didn’t get a full night’s sleep? This powder can be applied under your eyes to hide any dark circles, giving you a refreshed appearance.

Additionally, its soft and lightweight texture ensures that your skin stays luminous all day long, without any greasiness.


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♬ original sound – AVA

Ava (@glowwithava), using the powder in Silky Beige, enthuses how this powder brightens up her undereyes. Not only that, but it also works wonders in keeping her makeup flawless all day long, even after hours of wear!


part 1 of my makeup haul from Japan 🫶 featuring two powders from Canmake 🌸 canmake marshmallow finish powder ☁️ canmake silky loose moist powder 🫶 dior forever cushion powder in lavendar #japanesemakeup #japanmakeup #canmake #jbeauty #pressedpowder #cloudskin #diorforever

♬ original sound – shanny ౨ৎ

Shanny (@shannywears) experiments with the Sheer Lavender powder to achieve a radiant glow, and appreciates the milky finish produced by the powder.

Nevertheless, the powder does have a subtle shimmer that gives the skin a luminous sheen, which may not be ideal if you prefer a matte look. She also points out that the powder is better suited for fairer skin tones due to its limited range of shades.

The Shade Range

CANMAKE provides a range of 3 unique shades to cater to your preferences, each with variations to enhance your overall appearance.

Silky Beige

A light beige powder to create a flawless and smooth finish.

Sheer Lavender

A unique translucent lavender shade that helps to counteract dark undereye circles.

Luster Pink

The newest addition to the shade range is a pearlescent pink, producing a rosy and youthful glow.

Where To Find This Powder?

CANMAKE’s Silky Loose Moist Powder retails for RM62.91 on Shopee

Looking for more convenient choices? We’ve gathered a couple of additional brightening powders that are easily accessible too.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Brightening Powder

This powder is available in two shades, catering to both lighter and darker skin tones. It provides a flawless finish that looks almost Photoshopped!

The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Brightening Powder retails for RM245.91 at Nordstrom.

1028 Oil Block Ultra Longwear Pressed Powder

Searching for a drugstore alternative? Essence offers excellent quality at a budget-friendly price, and their banana powder delivers a noticeable brightening effect.

The Essence Brighten Up Banana Powder retails for RM22 at Watsons.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab these brightening powders now and achieve a radiant and flawless complexion!

Featured image credits: @glowwithava/TikTok