We never knew how much we adored the vintage aesthetic of Victorian-style era items until we saw this delicate and dreamy eyeshadow palette by C-Beauty brand Cheerflor.

Inspired by the romantic look of angels and cupid, this eyeshadow palette gives off both cute yet elegant vibes, suitable for beauty collector of any age.

It seems like the trend of naming colours and palettes after desserts and drinks is continuing as the palette comes in different versions #972 Milk Tea Powder Brown and #973 Magazine Sweet Apricot.

Victorian style eyeshadow milk tea powder brown

It was hard to pick our favourite between the two palettes; both feature shimmering and matte shades, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content.

We can’t help but show bias towards the Milk Tea Powder Brown version as we’re always going crazy for anything in milk tea shades The palette features glittery beiges and matte milk tea colours ranging from creamy browns to darker chocolates and they look super wearable.

Victorian style eyeshadow magazine sweet apricot

Even so, there’s just something about the light pinks and pale beiges that has us swooning for the Magazine Sweet Apricot palette as well.

We can easily imagine using some of these delicate, pale colours to create a dreamy look for a date.

Just thinking about these palettes is tempting us to grab them all!

Cheerflor Eyeshadow Palette retails for RM83.50 on Shopee.

Featured image credit: Shopee