Bad hair, don’t care? Unfortunately, we do; especially frizzy hair, which we are so prone to, no thanks to our humid Malaysian weather.

Our love for bleaching our hair or perming it to achieve a different style every other month further damage our tresses, making them brittle and dry.

This is why we’re sure you’ll want to know about this product that’s currently trending on Tiktok: a Korean hair treatment that is said to be magic in a bottle and a solution for damaged hair in 10 seconds. Best part? It’s extremely affordable at just over RM20!

Photo source: @basicbtchcloset/TikTok and @thebeautyspy/TikTok

We’re talking about the Moremo Water Treatment Miracle 10.

This hair treatment is to be applied while in the shower after shampooing, which makes it super convenient as you can cleanse and treat at the same time.

Photo source: @aksj._/TikTok

The product has a water-like texture that allows it to be absorbed by the hair easily; this is why it is able to work so quickly. Besides coating hair so it feels soft temporarily, it also deeply nourishes it for long-term results.

Tiktokers are raving about it, saying that their dry, damaged hair felt silky smooth again in 10 seconds.


Photo source: @aksj._/TikTok

Don’t freak out if you feel a slight warm sensation on your scalp after application. The product’s technology – the Magic Formula System – generates mild heat to offer a steam hair pack effect. This heat reacts with the moisturising components and silk amino acids in the formula to help heal damaged cuticles.

Photo source: @basicbtchcloset/TikTok and @imquiteshushy/TikTok

Lastly, if you’re on a budget, you’ll be happy to know that this isn’t just gentle on your hair but also on your wallet.


This one is priced just over RM20 and can be easily found in our local drugstores too.

Moremo Water Treatment Miracle 10 retails for RM20.90 at Guardian.

Featured image credit: @aksj._/TikTok