Looking for a little inspiration for your makeup looks? Or maybe you just want to curate your social media feed to showcase more about makeup, skincare, and beauty in general?

We know we always enjoy populating our social media feeds with everything beauty, and that includes beauty Instagrammers.

Today, we’ve got a list of top beauty Instagrammers that come solely from our Malaysian shores because while we’re always looking to #sapotlokal here.

We’ve got the usual names you might’ve already heard of, as well as some names that might’ve flown under your radar.

Adel Hasha

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers elcah

Adel Hasha is a makeup enthusiast who also lends her face as a canvas to others. Malay gals will love her content as she also advertises Malay fashion.

Aisha Liyana

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers aishaliyana

Taken directly from her Instagram bio, Aisha Liyana is a part-time Youtuber but full-time makeup enthusiast, so she’s always posting about beauty.

Athisha Khan

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers athishakhan

The younger sister to fashionista Neelofa, Athisha Khan posts about her life and occasionally about beauty products she loves.

Celine Han

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers celinehanmakeup

Makeup junkies will love Celine Han. She’s always posting makeup looks and reviewing different skincare and beauty products, so if you want a feed concentrated on beauty, look no further.

Elyn Leong

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers elynleonggg

Elyn Leong might be young, but she’s super fashionable and she knows it. The young Instagrammer is always posing for the camera and posts about beauty products she’s tried occasionally.

Emily Quak

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers emilyquak

A Youtuber and Instagrammer, Emily Quak films makeup tutorials, reviews makeup and skincare products, and shares about her daily life.


Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers faafirds

We’ve got another Youtuber and Instagrammer here. Faafirds posts about skincare, makeup, and about her daily life in general.

Joeyee Tan

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers flareywings

Looking for some inspiration for your daily look? Joeyee Tan is always posting her outfit of the day, and also tends to go wild with her makeup.

Jynn Looi

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers jynnlooi

Known for her makeup skills, Jynn Looi has been featured on nyxcomestics_my. These days, she’s busy posting about motherhood, but still reviews beauty products and posts about her makeup canvases from time to time.

Nalisa Alia Amin

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers nalisaliamin

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your body, try looking up model and body acceptance advocate Nalisa Alia Amin. She’s always looking to try new things and make a bold statement with her makeup and fashion choices.


Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers neesot

Neesot loves experimenting with makeup, posting beauty reviews, and filming beauty tutorials. Cactus enthusiasts are going to love her too, as she is also into posting about those prickly beauties.

Nina Khalil

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers khaininakhalil

Love high end beauty brands such as Chanel, Dior, and Fenty Beauty? So does Nina Khalil, as she’s always featuring them on her feed. Plus, we love how minimalist yet aesthetically pleasing her photos are!

Noriana the Face Designer

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers norianathefacedesigner

Noriana is Malaysian artist Yuna’s official makeup artist. Nowadays, she is busy putting her makeup skills to the test on blushing brides.

Paris B

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers parisbmws

Skincare and beauty junkies will adore Paris B’s feed which is chock full of reviews as she also runs her own blog. And if you are a fan of cute dogs, she’s got a lovely beagle named Sherlock!

Rane Chin

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers ranechin

Rane Chin is a beauty junkie and mum of two girls. She loves posting about her daily life as well as various products she has tried including food, drinks, body care, and skincare products.

Reshma Martin

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers reshmamartin

Now located in Auckland, Reshma Martin creates amazing new looks and powerful music. We’ve certainly followed for her makeup but stayed for her voice!

Shivani Balraj

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers penmyblog

Looking for someone who posts about new makeup looks and products too? Shivani Balraj might be the Instagrammer you’ve been looking for. She also has a Youtube channel where she posts about all things beauty.


Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers juttashy

If you like the Western-style, Kim Kardashian look, we’ve got the Instagrammer for you. Tashy loves trying out new makeup looks and posting about the latest makeup products she’s picked up.

Tania Zainudin

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers taniatries

Tania Zainudin may not have a lot of followers, but you should definitely show her a little love. Her Instagram feed is full of thorough, thoughtful makeup and skincare reviews.

Watiey Abdullah

Top Malaysian Beauty Instagrammers makeupbyasmawati

Want a feed full of different makeup looks? Follow Watiey Abdullah, but don’t be shocked when she suddenly dresses up like a zombie or ghost, because she’s also into costume makeup!

Featured image credit: celinehanmakeup and nalisaliamin