A viral cushion is taking over the shelves of cosmetic retailers in Japan, and it’s become one of those products that everybody’s talking about.

TirTir’s Mask Fit Red Cushion has been gaining traction both online and offline, with beauty enthusiasts on Xiao Hong Shu claiming that it is one of the must-buy products when vacationing in Japan or Korea.

Let’s see what the hype is all about, shall we?

Ultra long-lasting power (72 hours)

Zheng, who wore it for a full eight hours at work and to dance practice for another three hours after, vouched for its long-lasting abilities, saying that she was shocked to find her face makeup essentially unchanged from the morning despite being drenched in sweat from the busy day.


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As the name suggests, this cushion holds up well even under a mask where skin conditions are usually more damp. It’s feather-light texture also enables your skin to breathe through comfortably and minimises the oily feeling you may get with some other cushions, another perk which we definitely appreciate here in humid Malaysia.

According to TirTir, the cushion is made to last for 72 hours under typical conditions, and 42 hours if you’re wearing it with your mask on. It is also transfer and smudge proof, and doesn’t cake easily.

Caking tends to occur on areas where your skin is dry, causing makeup products to appear flaky or patchy on your skin. This is why it’s essential to use hydrating cushions or foundations.

Thankfully, TirTir’s cushion might just do the trick. It contains three red ingredients that serve to add nourishment to your skin—hibiscus flower, red propolis, and astaxanthin. Its creamy texture allows for a smooth application, without leaving streaks or uneven patches.

An added bonus of the cushion is that it also provides SPF 40++ coverage, which is absolutely essential now that summer is upon us.

The coverage

The hallmark of any good cushion is its ability to provide good coverage while still giving you that Korean “glass skin” effect. TirTir’s mask fit cushion seems to check both of those boxes.

It is able to conceal trouble areas such as blemishes, dark eye circles, pigmentation, and enlarged pores. The red cushion’s formula also gives you a moist-dewy finish and leaves your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

If you would prefer a foundation with a semi-matte finish, we recommend going for the black version of the cushion instead!

The shade range

As with many base makeup products from the region, the shade options are limited. The Mask Fit Red Cushion from Tir Tir comes in three colours ranging from lightest to darkest: 17C Porcelain, 21N Ivory, and 23N sand.

Credit: Shopee and Cocomo.sg

The packaging

The cushion comes in a simple and elegant egg-shaped packaging, and its striking ruby red colour is a nod to the prominent red beauty ingredients used in its formula.

It also includes a matching egg-shaped puff that’ll enable you to easily get into the nooks and crannies around your nose and eye area when applying the product.

Refills are available as well, so you’ll be able to easily stock up when you run out while minimising carbon footprint.

Not travelling anytime soon? TirTir Mask Fit Red Cushion is also available at Shopee and retails for RM96.65.