If you’re a beauty enthusiast like us, we know you love keeping up with anything beauty, skincare, and makeup-related by following some of your favourite beauty influencers and gurus.

But have you ever considered following Thai beauty influencers? If you haven’t, you’d want to do so after reading this article.

From the Land of Smiles, Thai beauty influencers have been taking social media by storm, sharing countless innovative beauty hacks and tips that we never knew we needed. Let’s turn our attention on these Thai beauty influencers for daily beauty tips and tricks.

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Yanin Taylor


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A fashion and lifestyle beauty blogger, Yanin Taylor shares a mix of everything on her social media channels, particularly on Instagram.

She covers topics like hair care, skincare, and makeup, offering fantastic content that might resonate with you more than other influencers.

She regularly gives out straightforward and speedy beauty tips on her Instagram. What’s even better is that she usually includes a list of the products she uses in her posts, making it easy for you to recreate her looks!

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Saira Mirror


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At just 26 years old, Saira Mirror, a Thai beauty influencer, has already hit the one-million-follower mark on her Instagram. This clearly shows she has a knack for creating content that resonates with beauty enthusiasts, just like ourselves.

A quick scroll through her Instagram, you’ll notice that she frequently shares the products she uses, which we think is responsible for her doll-like complexion. And let’s be honest, her makeup mastery is something we’ve all dreamed of achieving, especially those flawless eyeliner techniques – truly on point!

While she also has a YouTube channel, her Instagram page is where she updates most regularly. So, to steal her beauty looks, follow Saira Mirror both on Instagram and YouTube.


With more than 50k followers on Instagram, trust Lukmee to drop some serious beauty wisdom. As her bio says, she’s just a regular gal sharing her passion and if you’re vibing with her style, hit that follow button for some beauty inspo.

From Korean to global beauty brands, Lukmee uses a variety of makeup products to craft her stunning looks. Even though Lukmee speaks in her mother tongue, you can always hit the “see translation” button on her description to find out what she’s sharing.

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thai beauty influencers

Another Thai beauty influencer who would be a fantastic addition to your social media feed is Nune Noppaluck, who’s also known as Nobluk on her social platforms.

With a whopping 1.15 million YouTube subscribers and over 570k social media followers, Nobluk is a prominent beauty figure. Her existing followers know what they can expect from her. But if you have yet to follow her, you might change your mind after scrolling through her page.

If you’re passionate about all things beauty, just like us, Nobluk is your go-to for captivating beauty-related content. She frequently share products reviews on her YouTube platform. So, if you’re on the hunt for a specific product and want to know if she’s reviewed it and hear her thoughts, just head over to her social media page.

Follow Nobluk for more beauty-related contents on Instagram and YouTube.


For Korean-inspired makeup tips and tricks, look no further than Mintchyy, a talented beauty influencer boasting 1.19 million YouTube subscribers. Renowned for her simple and minimalist approach, Mintchyy’s makeup transformations are a delight for her followers.

Mintchyy’s diverse content creation ensures a range of videos beyond makeup tutorials, offering a unique blend of beauty and style.

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Achita Siripinyanond


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Achita Siripinyanond, also known as “Chi,” transitioned from a university student to a beauty influencer with over one million subscribers and 900 videos on her YouTube channel, Archita Station.

Additionally, she has ventured into the world of makeup with her own brand, Archita Brand, offering a range of beauty products including lip care essentials, brow mascara, makeup brushes, and more.

This Thai beauty influencer consistently shares a diverse range of beauty-related content on her social media platforms where she frequently spills the tea on her favourite beauty products in her beauty haul series.

And if you’re in need of a killer look for a music festival, Chi has your back with incredibly cute hairdos and uniquely striking makeup looks that will make you stand out from the crowd. All you’ve got to do is sit back and casually check out her channel for awesome ideas – no actual stalking required!

For more inspiration, hit the follow button on both her Instagram and YouTube channels.



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Looking to step up your makeup game? Follow this Thai beauty influencer, @mosster on Instagram for some awesome makeup tips.

She often shares beginner-friendly tutorials that are effortlessly easy to follow. And, if you’re feeling a bit bold and dramatic, and would like a makeup look that stands out, she also has got you covered.

Check out her page for those extra glam looks on Instagram.


Next up on our radar is JaiLamer, another awesome Thai beauty influencer who’s all about sharing those easy-breezy, no-fuss makeup vibes. If you check her YouTube channel, you’ll discover a treasure trove of tips and tricks on how to create simple, clean, and everyday makeup looks.

Plus, JaiLamer’s “Get Ready With Me” series is also basically a one-way ticket to get all your makeup inspiration.  But it doesn’t stop there.

This beauty guru spills the tea on how she maintains and achieves a clear complexion, leaving her followers wanting to snag her secrets.

So, if you’re on a quest for that effortlessly flawless look, JaiLamer is your go-to gal for all things beauty inspo. Trust us, you won’t want to miss a single video!

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Since 2015, Pim has been dishing out the most fabulous beauty advice to her loyal followers, and boy, has she become the go-to guru for all things beauty! With a whopping 36k followers on Instagram alone, it’s clear that Pim’s beauty wisdom has spread like a wildfire.

Pim is all about proving that you can still achieve a good makeup look without breaking the bank. In addition to her makeup videos, she also shares reviews on products that have helped her achieve that glossy-like complexion.

And guess what? If you’re looking for perfume hacks and recommendations, Pim’s got you covered too!

Don’t forget to follow her both on Instagram and YouTube if you don’t want to miss any of her content.


Nitha, one of Thailand’s rising beauty influencers, captivates her followers with a myriad of beauty-related contents. Though she hails from Thailand, she excels at crafting simple yet mesmerising Korean-inspired makeup.

Nitha effortlessly merges Thai and Korean beauty in her tutorials, making that sought-after radiant look feel within reach.

She also goes above and beyond to share how you can achieve her look. So, be sure to check her social media pages if you don’t want to miss out!

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