Studio Ghibli fans, you’d want to see this.

Hayao Miyazaki’s visual masterpieces have been transformed into a trio of captivating scents!

To commemorate his success as a well-respected Japanese animator and the iconic anime films he’s made, the animation studio has teamed up with fragrance company Fernanda for the collab to release the line of enchanting “body splashes.”

This also comes in light of the upcoming release of the animator’s last film, The Boy and The Heron.

The first spray pays homage to KiKi’s Delivery service and the protagonist’s home. Named “Maria Regale”, the powerful scent is inspired by the flowers and herbs in Kiki’s home. It features notes of pear, jasmine, and Lily of the Valley.

Next, “Classic Tea” is based on Whisper of The Heart, combining notes of black, yuzu, and amber to create a highly evocative scent, similar to the books that Shizuku immerses herself deeply into.

If you’re a fan of Howl’s Moving Castle, make sure to check out “White Bouquet”. It features elegant notes of rose, cedar wood, and lily.

You can support the amazing heroines of your favourite anime films through this trio of magical scents!

Studio Ghibli x Fernanda Body Splashes have sold out at Donguri Kyowkoku at the time of writing, but they are available on secondary markets. You can find the Maria Regale, Whisper of The Heart, and  on 

Maria Regale, Classic Tea, and White Bouquet retail for RM323 to RM360 at Ebay.