We’ve found yet another adorable item, and we’re here to share it with you today. Take a look at these adorable star-shaped lipsticks that certainly won’t break your bank.

We’re totally tempted to make a wish upon these lipsticks. These mini-sized lippies come in a set of six. They are decorated in delicate pastel colours, which really remind us of that dreamy aesthetic vibe we totally want.

DEROL Star Shaped Lippies Stars In Hand

The packaging they come in is cute too. They are kept in this semi-transparent container with a pale pink cover that looks just like a milk tea cup!

If you like to switch up the colour of your lips everyday and prefer smaller items, this set of mini lippies could be perfect for you.

DEROL Star Shaped Lippies Shades

Despite their size, they pack a punch in terms of colouration. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the pigmentation. Instead, you should worry about what colour to use for the day!

Our favourite is definitely shade #03, milk coffee. Asides from the delicious naming, it is a gorgeous toffee brown that will flatter any Asian skin tone.

A velvet matte texture, these lippies promise to be light and silky without drying your lips out. Those who can’t tolerate strong smells may have to keep looking though, as many Vietnamese reviewers reported a strong fragrance.

DEROL Star Shaped Lippies Stained

Another downside to these cute lippies is that they seem to have a shipping problem. Sometimes, they might arrive with one lipstick uncovered, causing lipstick to get all over the inside of the container.

We cannot determine whether it is due to the shipping process itself, or if the cap of the lipsticks are a little loose.

They are still way too affordable and adorable for us to forgo though – nothing will stop us from buying these cute lipsticks!

The DEROL Star Candy Lipsticks retail for RM21.59 on Shopee but are currently at 40% off now at RM12.96 at time of writing.

Featured image credit: Shopee