This Pink Bear x Spongebob makeup collection is coming either way whether you’re ready or not.

Pink Bear, the sister brand of C-beauty brand Perfect Diary, markets itself as a sweet, girly makeup that is both affordable and popular with students.

This time, Pink Bear has partnered with Viacom to launch the Spongebob Squarepants makeup collection, which is perfect for fans who love the sea sponge and his best friend Patrick Star.

Four-Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Pink Bear Spongebob Four Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Pink Bear has launched two new four-colour eyeshadow palettes in both Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star designs.

The Patrick Star palette features neutral pink and brown tones while the Spongebob Squarepants has warmer red and golds. Although the colours are mostly matte, the two palettes also feature one glittery shade each for you to experiment with.

The Four-Colour Eyeshadow retails for ¥75 (~RM48.96) on Taobao.

Monochrome Blush

Pink Bear Spongebob Monochrome Blush

These monochrome blushes with slight shimmers come in shades of milk tea and creamy apricot, which could be great for a natural, girly look.

The blushes also sport raised prints of a krabby patty on the Spongebob one and a jellyfish on the Patrick one. It’s almost too cute to use!

The Monochrome Blush retails for ¥58 (~RM37.86) on Taobao.

Lip Glaze & Lip Mud

Pink Bear Spongebob Lippies

A makeup collection just wouldn’t be complete without lippies to round up the collection, and this collaboration not only has three different lippie designs, they also come in nine different shades.


Pink Bear Spongebob Matte Lip Mud

The first white design reminiscent of the skies of the Spongebob Squarepants universe are matte lip muds in darker shades of pink, brown, and red.

You might want to try a classic red with the half-cooked sweet M706 shade.


Pink Bear Spongebob Mirror Lip Glaze

The second design is in pale pink with a purple flower motif like Patrick Star and his shorts. This design comes is a glossy mirror lip glaze in shades of reddish brown, orange red, and a cooler red.

The ice drop berry L350 shade could be perfect for a dark, gothic look.


Pink Bear Spongebob Mist Lip Glaze

The third and final design is of our titular character Spongebob Squarepants. This is a matte mist lip glaze in shades of dark brown, dark red, and nude brown.

We’re especially fond of the half sugar dense peach G106 colour here, which would be great for a natural everyday appearance.

The Lip Glazes & Lip Muds retail for ¥79 (~RM51.57) on Taobao. They also sell them in packs of three for ¥149 (~RM97.27) here.

Mini Lip Glaze

Pink Bear Spongebob Mini Lip Glazes

Love a lot of the colours but can’t commit to just one? Why not buy a pack of four mini lip glazes?

Enclosed in a tin box with Patrick and Spongebob together on the front, these lip glazes come in bright red shades as well as darker neutral tones, allowing you to mix it up throughout the day.

The Mini Lip Glazes retail for ¥119 (~RM77.68) on Taobao.

Beauty Tools

Pink Bear Spongebob Beauty Tools

These beauty tools are shaped as Spongebob and Patrick Star, with beauty blenders and sponge applicators. Suitable for use for dry and wet applications, these could be great for applying your day-to-day foundation.

We’re especially in love with the Spongebob-shaped beauty blender because it looks so much like the main character.

The Sponge Applicators retail for ¥32 (~RM20.89) on Taobao, while the Spongebob-shaped beauty blender can be found in a pack of five for ¥59 (~RM38.52) here.

Regrettably, we can’t seem to find the Patrick beauty blender as it may have been sold out or not released yet.

Co-Branded Gift Box

Pink Bear Spongebob Co-Branded Gift Box

This co-branded gift box would make a great present for friends who are eager to try makeup for the first time. It comes with a full set of makeup including a Patrick four-colour eyeshadow palette, a Patrick blusher, Spongebob lip glaze in shade G428, and eyeliner.

Newbies can easily play around with all these adorable, playful items. We can already picture a few of our friends we might gift this to!

The Co-Branded Gift Box retails for ¥289 (~RM188.66) on Taobao.

Surprise Gift Box

Pink Bear Spongebob Surprise Gift Box

Pink Bear Spongebob Surprise Gift Box Details

If you’re a big Spongebob fan and want to splurge, here’s the Surprise Gift Box set which includes:

  • One each of the lip glazes, in shades G428, L333 and M706
  • Patrick Star eyeshadow palette
  • Patrick Star blusher
  • Eyeliner
  • Spongebob cushion foundation (only seems to be in this set)
  • Patrick cushion loose powder (only seems to be in this set)

That’s not all as you also get an Omamori, a Japanese amulet said to provide luck or protection, in a random design of either Spongebob or Patrick.

The Surprise Gift Box retails for ¥559 (~RM364.92) on Taobao.

If nautical nonsense is something you’ve always wished for, then you should definitely get your hands on this adorable collaboration before it drifts away!

Featured image credit: Xiao Hong Su and Pink Bear