Disney is home to many of our favourite characters, which is why we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney beauty collaboration.

British cosmetics brand Spectrum has often collaborated with Disney to produce beautiful brushes based on iconic characters such as Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

The brand has recently partnered with A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh and it may be the sweetest collection we’ve seen from them yet. A bonus: these are all vegan and cruelty-free too!

Eight-Piece Winnie Brush Set

Spectrum Collections Winnie the Pooh Eight Piece Winnie Brush Set

If you’ve been looking for a new set of brushes, these might be the ones to consider. Featuring our favourite bear, these brushes are imbued with honey hues and teddy bear taupe bristles.

The container that they come in is also super cute as it has Winnie right on the front, laughing in joy. The golden accents on the brushes and container also give it a premium feel.

The Eight Piece Winnie Brush Set retails for RM310 on Spectrum.

Two-tier Boucle Textured Makeup Bag

Spectrum Collections Winnie the Pooh Two-tier Boucle Textured Makeup Bag

This Winnie the Pooh makeup bag is so soft, it will keep your brushes well protected. There is a smaller zipped compartment and an elasticated pocket, so you don’t have to worry about your items moving around.

Spectrum Collections Winnie the Pooh Two-tier Boucle Textured Makeup Bag

What we love about this makeup bag is the cute picnic blanket pattern you’ll be greeted with when you open it up. It comes with a cute bumblebee tag on the zipper too!

The Two-tier Boucle Textured Makeup Bag retails for RM205 on Spectrum.

Solid ‘Hunny’ Brush Soap

Spectrum Collections Winnie the Pooh Solid ‘Hunny’ Brush Soap

Lovingly spelled as ‘Hunny’ just like how Winnie would misspell it, this brush soap is made of coconut milk and smells deliciously like honey and oats. It also comes with a silicone mat so you can deeply cleanse your brushes.

Simply wet the brush bristles and gently run over the surface of the soap to create a lather. Rinse the bristles and work them into the textured surface of the silicone mat. Squeeze out excess water and repeat as necessary before drying.

The Solid ‘Hunny’ Brush Soap retails for RM120 on Spectrum.

Piglet ‘Ears’ Blending Sponges

Spectrum Collections Winnie the Pooh Piglet ‘Ears’ Blending Sponges

Even Winnie’s best friend Piglet has an item dedicated to him. These blending sponges are shaped just like the iconic character’s ears.

Not only are they cute, but they can also be used to apply any cream, mineral, or liquid products. It is recommended to moisten the sponges with water before use. This way, it makes for a softer application.

The Piglet ‘Ears’ Blending Sponges retail for RM68 on Spectrum.

Tigger Kabuki Brush

Spectrum Collections Winnie the Pooh Tigger Kabuki Brush

With it being the year of the Tiger, we’re glad to see that there’s a Tigger brush in this collection. This Kabuki brush is perfect for all over sweeping of powder.

It has a retractable design so you can easily store the brush after use. We’re seriously into how striking this looks with its ombre bristles and tiger stripes on the handle and container.

The Tigger Kabuki Brush retails for RM140 on Spectrum.

Winnie the Pooh Bundle

Spectrum Collections Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh Bundle

Love everything we’ve listed so far? Why not spoil yourself a little and treat yourself to a little sunshine in your life with everything we’ve mentioned so far.

You can get the full collection with this bundle that’ll give you more bang for your buck compared to if you were to buy each item separately.

The Winnie the Pooh Bundle retails for RM680 on Spectrum.

Featured image credit: Spectrum