Imagine: the crisp, exhilarating scent of brand-new banknotes, bottled.

dbs huat edp

This Chinese New Year, Singapore’s bank, DBS/POSB, makes it an extra “Huat” (prosperous) as it launches the HUAT Eau De Parfum, a limited-edition fragrance that embodies the essence of prosperity.

Watch the Huat EDP commercial

DBS/POSB is incredibly dedicated to this fragrance, they even created a whole advertisement for it!

How To Get The Huat Perfume?

dbs huat perfume

DBS/POSB has been giving it out at pop-up events leading to Chinese New Year. During the Chinese New Year period, customers can also stand a chance to win a bottle when they use the bank’s digital gifting features. Only 2,500 bottles of this limited-edition fragrance is available.