Travelling to Seoul? Don’t leave without getting a Laneige cushion made by a robot

By Natalie Fu
23 May, 2022

If you’re planning a trip to South Korea, chances are you’re already including lots of beauty shopping in Seoul as part of your itinerary.

Besides checking out the usual stores, how about this one that involves a cushion-making robot?!

You read that right, at Laneige’s showroom in the area of Myeongdong in Seoul, you can have your very own foundation made by a pair of robotic arms.

Here’s how the Laneige Bespoke Neo experience goes

Laneige Cushion Robot the screen

Firstly, a Laneige staff will seat you in front of a screen, where you will be asked to input some basic information like your age and two main skin concerns (e.g. dryness, redness).

You’ll then have the option to choose between a cushion or foundation. After that, a camera on top of the screen will analyse your skin tone to suggest your perfect foundation shade match.

Laneige Cushion Robot the foundations

With 150 shades of foundation available, we’ll be surprised if you end up with a shade that doesn’t suit you! Still, you’ll have the chance to select and test to find if it does match your skin tone best.

To make your foundation even more special, you can even input your name to be printed on a label on the bottom of the product.

Laneige Cushion Robot the robot

Then, all you have to do next is take out your phone and film the process of the robot making your personalised product – because how often is this going to happen?

Once the label is applied to the bottom of the product, you’re done with the process and you’ll get to enjoy your new, customised foundation!

Laneige Cushion Robot the finished product

You can only book for a slot on Naver but take note to plan ahead of time as this service is very popular especially on weekends. two weeks from the current date, so plan ahead of time as this one-to-one service is quite popular especially on weekends. It is available at KRW45,000 (~RM155) for a cushion and KRW60,000 (~RM207) for a foundation.

Featured image credit: Laneige & rachelheheh