Entering 2022, we’re all busier than ever, and surely somehow one way or another, it’s going to catch up with us, or maybe it already has. You know the look: puffy, tired eyes complete with dark under eye circles. This time, Selena Gomez has got just the thing to help us out while still being on a budget.

In a recent video, Selena shared that she enjoyed using Sephora Collection’s cucumber eye mask to ease inflammation under her eyes as part of her beauty routine, and we totally get why.

The skin around our eyes is super delicate, making us prone to looking like distant cousins of the raccoons. Plus, too many late nights spent staring at a screen will definitely take a toll on your under eyes.

Photo: @sephoracollection on Instagram

These single use eye masks are infused with natural extracts like cucumber and watermelon to help soothe and hydrate the skin under your eyes.

With its high levels of vitamins and minerals, cucumbers are perfect for calming and hydrating sensitive skin while also gently eliminating the appearance of your dark under eye circles.

Photo: @sephoracollection on Instagram

Sephora Collection’s hydrating cucumber eye masks are made using 91% of natural ingredients and are enriched with plant extracts to help refresh your under eyes so that the only bag you’ll be carrying with you, is your purse.

It gets even better; unlike your everyday eye mask, Sephora Collection’s cucumber eye mask is made from a bio-cellulose material extracted from fermented coconut water. Thus, making it three times more absorbent than regular eye masks.


This thin and super-absorbent eye mask allows the serum to be absorbed into your skin in just five minutes. So, if you’re ready, come and get it.

Sephora Collection’s cucumber eye mask retails for RM12 on Sephora.