It can be tricky shopping for a Secret Santa gift. With a budget of RM50, you’re worried you can’t find something that friend or colleague picked at random will enjoy, while also concerned that your gift doesn’t look presentable enough.

Whether it’s your office tradition or a cosy family or friends gathering, the struggle is real — what if you end up with a mug? Fear not, as this Christmas (and all the upcoming ones) we’ve got your back with 19 Secret Santa beauty gifts under RM50, perfect for beauty junkies.

These beauty products won’t just fit the budget, but it’ll also make your beauty-loving friend light up brighter than the Christmas tree lights.

So, let’s find that perfect gift, alright? Start scrolling!

Secret Santa Beauty Gifts For Makeup Junkies

Sephora Collection Lip Gloss Ornament Ball (Holiday Limited Edition)

Have a friend or colleague who’s always reaching for that lip gloss? You know, the one you can spot from across the room with a glossy smile?

Well, we’ve got the perfect Secret Santa beauty gift for them – an adorable limited-edition lip gloss ornament! The best part, it has a matte finish to it instead of the usual super glossy look. It’s the kind of gift that’ll make them say, “Ahhh, you get me!”

This retails for RM25 on Sephora. 

Nudestix Tinted Cover Foundation Mini

We understand how challenging it can be to find the right foundation, even for ourselves, let alone for someone else.

However, if you happen to know the person who’ll be receiving this Secret Santa beauty gift well enough to determine their exact foundation shade, then the Nudestix Tinted Cover Foundation Mini is a gem you can’t overlook.

Giving a natural finish with buildable coverage, the Nudestix Tinted Cover Foundation Mini is great at achieving a flawless makeup finish. This innovative Korean skincare formula is designed with fine pigments that can be layered to enhance and brighten the skin tone.

This retails for RM45 on Sephora

Sephora Collection Individual False Lashes

We think it’s safe to say that we all have someone in our circle who’s a little more dramatic than yourself. She’s the one who’ll never go anywhere without those long false lashes.

Don’t get us wrong; there’s no harm in it. Instead, it just makes her eyes pop, giving them a fuller look even without much effort.

But, if you know someone who just loves false lashes, why not get her these individual false lashes? They’re easy to use and remove, saving time when applying a full glam makeup look.

This retails for RM49 on Sephora

Pixi + Hello Kitty Lip Tone

Another Secret Santa beauty gift to consider is the Pixi + Hello Kitty Lip Tone. This pH-reactive lip gloss is enriched with Rosehip Seed Oil and Mango Butter, working wonders to hydrate and soften the lips.

Starting off in a clear shade, it magically adjusts to a pretty hue that is absolutely unique to you. It’s not just a lip gloss but a personalised beauty secret that adds a delightful touch to your festive look.

This retails for RM44 on Sephora

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow-Spray

Your secret Santa game just got dreamy! Check out the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

With just a couple of spritzes on the pillows before bedtime, they’re in for a soundless sleep. This award-winning spray, infused with Lavender, Camomile, and Vetivert, works wonders in calming their mind and body, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind.

The lingering scent creates a soothing atmosphere, paving the way for them to fall into a deep sleep, reminiscent of how lullabies assist babies in drifting off. This spray could become their personal lullaby, transforming bedtime into the highlight of their day.

This retails for RM40 on Sephora

Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polish

For someone who loves to get their nails done, the 5-Day Shine Long-Lasting Sephora Collection Nail Polish is the ultimate secret Santa delight!

From elegant nudes to timeless reds and shimmer shades, there’s a variety of shades you can choose from for your Secret Santa.

P.S. With each bottle priced at just RM24, why not double the joy? Plus, you’re still staying under your budget.

This retails for RM24 on Sephora

Secret Santa Beauty Gifts For Skin and Body Care Loving Crew!

Mario Badescu Rose Body Soap

This rejuvenating, Rose-infused body soap lathers up to pamper and cleanse your skin effectively. Carefully curated with Rose Oil and Rosewater defines its floral essence, eliminating the need for drying surfactants like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES).

When used, the shower gel transforms into a light, frothy foam, creating an opulent bathing experience.

This retails for RM45 on Sephora

Burt’s Bees Watermenlon & Mint Hand Cream

Clinically proven to provide all-day moisturisation, this luxurious hand cream from Burt’s Bees contains shea butter that quenches dry skin.

Plus, the refreshing fragrance of watermelon and mint is an added bonus, giving the person who’s using this with a pleasant scent every time they use it.

This retails for RM46 on Sephora

Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

Discover the perfect Secret Santa gift, a gentle, pore-refining cleanser and makeup remover, enriched with antioxidant-packed blueberries, hyaluronic acid, and soothing AHAs.

This cleanser not only delivers the antioxidant-rich goodness of blueberries, but also boasts a gentle formula that effortlessly removes makeup with minimal rubbing, thanks to its nourishing oils.

The result? Clear, radiant, and glowy skin that’s sure to be a delightful surprise for your Secret Santa recipient.

This retails for RM47 on Sephora.

Watsons Soothing Essence Box Mask

Made using cotton gauze, this mask is enriched with three soothing ingredients to help reduce oil shine and soothe irritation to relieve discomfort.

With a low-irritant formula, it provides superior soothing effects to leave your skin feeling calmed and healthy.

The 100% Cotton Gauze sheet mask, soft and skin-friendly, not only prevents moisture evaporation but also efficiently delivers active ingredients. Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin, it’s a thoughtful gift that brings both luxury and care to your Secret Santa celebration.

This retails for RM32.90 on Watsons

Bio-Essence 24K BG Gold Rose Water

Imagine discovering the gift of radiant skin with a unique formula known as Bio Energy Complex™.

This transformative formula elevates the skin’s ability to repair, renew, and replenish by optimising oxygen intake. It works like magic, changing cells from inactive to an energised state, dramatically increasing the absorption of precious 24K Gold.

Additionally, their skincare journey continues with Rose Extract, Eijitsu, a unique Japanese rose extract filtered for optimal purity. This extract hydrates and refines pores, leaving their skin feeling as soft as a petal.

This retails for RM17.40 after 30% off at the time of writing on Watsons

The Body Shop Cherries & Cheer Lip Butter

As a delightful Secret Santa surprise, they receive The Body Shop’s Cherries & Cheer Lip Butter would make a delightful Secret Santa beauty gift surprise.

This rich, buttery balm works wonders, intensely moisturising their lips and leaving them softer, smoother, and well-protected from dryness. Enriched with 99% natural ingredients, this joyfully sweet formula carries a delightful cherry, almond milk, and vanilla fragrance.

This retails for RM49 on The Body Shop

The Body Shop Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask

Elevate your Secret Santa’s skincare routine with The Body Shop’s Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask.

Packed with a robust blend of coffee bean particles from Nicaragua and The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade ingredients, this richly textured mask offers an energy kick for the skin.

With a warming sensation, it gently exfoliates to diminish signs of fatigue, leaving the skin awakened, purified, and visibly radiant, while pores appear refined.

This retails for RM42 on The Body Shop

Handmade Heroes Oat Mighty Cuticle Oil

Why not show your Secret Santa some love by gifting them the Handmade Heroes Oat Cuticle Oil?

This cuticle oil is a game-changer, boosted with a whopping 8% colloidal oat extract for nourishing and repairing nails and cuticles.

With a blend of naturally light oils, colloidal oats, and vitamin E, it offers intense therapy for dry, damaged cuticles, nails, and skin.

It’s a fast-acting formula that softens cuticles and promotes strong, flexible nails – perfect for any nail polish enthusiast’s collection or as a thoughtful addition to a nail care kit.

This retails for RM34.90 on Handmade Heroes

Handmade Heroes Cocolicious Luscious Lip Scrub – Coconut Sorbet

Who said Secret Santa beauty gifts aren’t a great idea, especially when you have this ultra-sexy scrub?

Introducing the Cocolicious Luscious Lip Scrub, a treat for an ultra-sexy pout. This scrub works its magic with gentle exfoliation and rehydration, thanks to the goodness of avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut, and sugar.

And the result after using this is a delicate lips left irresistibly smooth, soft, and oh-so tempting.

This retails for RM39.90 on Handmade Heroes

Secret Santa Beauty Gifts For Those With Gorgeous Hair

Kitsch Blackmossneutrals Chain Claw Clip Set

Surprise your Secret Santa with a touch of effortless style through these sustainable chain claw clips.

With zero effort, they can make a fashionable statement with this classic hair clip. It comes in two sets of versatile shades that can match any of their outfits. It’s not just a gift but a thoughtful blend of style, making their holidays a bit more stylish and sustainable at the same time.

This retails for RM49 on Sephora

The Inkey List Chia Seed Curl Defining Hair Cream

Know someone who has gorgeous curly hair, and they’re your Secret Santa?

Gift them the magic of a weightless cream designed to define, nourish, and protect those beautiful curls. This thoughtful is a weightless serum crafted to reduce, protect, and strengthen hair against chemical damage while taming frizz.

With each application, it targets the hair bonds and provides essential hydration.

This retails for RM50 on Sephora

Claire Organics He Shou Wu Hair Care Handmade Shampoo Bar

Traditionally used for restoring grey hair to its original colour, Claire Organics handmade shampoo bar contains herbs that are formulated specially for reducing hair loss too.

As many already know (and if you don’t read here), rosemary helps fight against premature greying, promote hair growth, and can gradually darken existing grey hair. The added rosemary in this shampoo bar can also benefit those with dry and flaky scalp.

This retails for RM25 on Claire Organics

Claire Organics Head Massager Comb

Crafted from exquisite Rosewood, this head massager comb boasts sturdy and high-quality materials that are ideal for a calming massage on the head, neck, back, and shoulders.

It offers significant relief and a relaxed sensation after every use. Beyond being an exceptional multipurpose massager, it also effortlessly tackles hair knots during daily hair combing routine.

This retails for RM32 after 25.58% off at the time of writing on Claire Organics

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