This “Thai jasmine milk tea” lipstick stands out from the rest, thanks to its gorgeous high-shine finish

By Shervon Thiam
11 January, 2023

Dior has wowed us again with its recent launch of the limited edition Mitzah collection. Look forward to a collection of makeup and fragrance creations that feature the leopard print, a nod to Mitzah Bricard, a muse of Christian Dior, who is known for rocking this print.

What has especially caught our eyes this time is the Rouge Dior Mitzah Limited Edition in #200 Nude Touch.

This has nude lipstick has warm undertones that look a little orange, reminding us of the satisfying Thai jasmine milk tea that we certainly have to indulge in when we’re in Thailand.

Photo source: @Jerrain_/XiaoHongShu

This has a similar shade as the popular Rouge Dior Forever in #200 Forever Nude Touch but offers a high-shine finish that makes it stand out. In case you’re wondering, the Rouge Dior Forever delivers a powder-like matte finish.

Photo source: @Jerrain_/XiaoHongShu

You’ll certainly appreciate this lipstick more if you’re looking for a product that will make your pout extra juicy and luscious.

The limited-edition Nude Touch shade is also slightly lighter and its pink is more obvious compared to the original Forever Nude Touch, giving it a greater resemblance to Thai jasmine milk tea.

Photo source: @叫我香菜吧/XiaoHongShu

Dior lipsticks feature their iconic formula that is infused with red peony and pomegranate flower extracts that will leave your lips feeling comfortable and hydrated throughout the day – and this one’s no different.

It also has a hydrating formula that smoothens out your lips, making sure that fine lines aren’t accentuated and your lips look supple throughout the day.

Photo source: @Jerrain_/XiaoHongShu

Since this is a limited edition, make sure to snag it before others beat you to it.

Rouge Dior Mitzah Limited Edition in #200 Nude Touch retails for RM180, available at all Dior boutiques and counters, as well as on their website. The Dior Rogue Mitzah Case can be found on Zalora

Featured image credits: @叫我香菜吧/XiaoHongShu and @Jerrain_/XiaoHongShu