ReFa’s Devices Are Now At Their Lowest Prices And They Will Continue To Drop

By Siti Nadhrah Khalid
21 December, 2023

Once the talk of the town, social media is all abuzz with the jaw-dropping news of ReFa beauty devices now up for grabs at an unbelievable price drop.

Initially ranging between RM1,000 to RM2,000, these devices are now a steal, going for around 500 ringgit through personal shoppers and official channels.

And before you start wondering if the quality took a nosedive, the reality is quite different. So, if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of beauty devices, this is the perfect opportunity to snag some of these highly praised gadgets at a fraction of their usual cost.

Keep reading for the full scoop and our top product recommendations!

What’s The Buzz About ReFa Beauty Devices?


Photo credit: @refa_singapore/Instagram.

ReFa had its heyday in 2017 when it was the go-to beauty device brand. However, recent financial reports from its parent company, MTG, suggest a shift away from beauty devices, causing a dip in ReFa’s popularity.

But don’t fret; it’s not because of a major company hiccup. MTG attributes this to a profit dip, pointing to inventory adjustments in the Chinese market where there’s more stock than demand. That’s why you’re seeing these jaw-dropping discounts!

This change is affecting not only ReFa but also other major beauty device brands, all responding with massive discounts.

Now, here’s the interesting twist that is driving prices even lower: the anticipated new regulations announced by the Chinese government. According to the National Medical Products Administration’s announcement in March 2022, starting from 1 April 2024, certain beauty devices will fall under medical device supervision and will no longer be allowed to be sold. ReFa’s devices fall under this category.

In light of the upcoming regulations, brands are hustling to clear out their inventory. The ReFa Tmall store is taking the lead in this effort, offering some of their devices at a remarkable 3.3-fold discount!

Discover ReFa’s Top Beauty Devices

If you’ve been out of the loop on ReFa’s beauty gadgets and want to catch up on the best-sellers, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks:

ReFa Carat Massager


Among their best-sellers is the ReFa Carat Massager, a micro-current massager designed to lift and firm the delicate skin around the eyes.

Specifically crafted for smaller facial areas, it skillfully delivers micro-currents, effectively diminishing fine lines and enhancing skin elasticity. It is perfect for boosting blood circulation under the eyes, combating dark circles, and giving your eyes a revitalised look!

ReFa Carat Massager retails for ¥778 (~RM510.14) on ReFa’s Official Taobao Store.

ReFa Ion Care Brush Treatment Comb Hairbrush


Elevate your daily shampoo routine with this scalp exfoliating brush from ReFa. Featuring special bristles that snugly fit the scalp, this brush reaches beneath the hair, scraping away build-up effectively.

Thanks to its unique cleansing mechanism tailored to the scalp environment, it ensures a comprehensive removal of build-up, leaving you with a clean and healthy scalp.

ReFa Ion Care Brush Treatment Comb Hairbrush for retails for ¥358 (~RM234.74) on ReFa’s Official Taobao Store.

ReFa Caxa Ray Massager


Target facial and neck tensions with the ReFa Caxa Ray Massager. Its 3D structural design seamlessly conforms to the skin’s contours, providing a soothing scooping and kneading massage motion to ease tensions and enhance circulation.

With ReFa’s microcurrent technology and platinum rollers, this massager activates skin cells, working wonders for skin tightening, refined features, and the reduction of fine lines and dark circles around the eyes.

ReFa Caxa Ray Massager retails for ¥1068 (~RM700.29) on ReFa’s Official Taobao Store.

As we look forward to better innovations and strategies, let’s remain hopeful that ReFa and other beauty brands will continue to evolve in the years to come!

Featured image credits: @cartierting/TikTok, @saeroniee/TikTok, @petitetammie/TikTok.