We want to snag this “red tea” lipstick before 22 January and wear it to all our CNY gatherings

By Shervon Thiam
13 January, 2023

That red lipstick that you see on every woman modelling Chinese New Year clothes on fashion e-stores is alluring. But you may be worried you can’t pull off such a bold look or have trouble finding the perfect red shade that suits your skin tone.

Here’s something that still looks festive but is flattering across more skin tones: a reddish brown shade that reminds us of a cup of soothing red tea.

Photo source: @夏栗子/XiaoHongShu

This is the Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour in #64 Afternoon Tea. While it may not be readily available in Malaysian retail stores, we’ve found out where else you can get your hands on this irresistible shade, so make sure you stick till the end of this article.

Photo source: @夏栗子/XiaoHongShu

You may be surprised that this full-coverage lipstick is also a lip treatment, which is why besides delivering a gorgeous satin lip colour, it also nourishes and hydrates the lips.

Its creamy consistency allows you to coat your lips completely with just one swipe, and on top of this, it resists fading, feathering, and smudging when it dries down.

Thanks to floral extract and wax infused into its formula,  this lipstick helps smoothen the appearance of fine lines on your lips, as well as minimise flaking and drying. You’ll be able to sport a conditioned pout comfortably throughout the day.

Photo source: @夏栗子/XiaoHongShu

Apply this lippie on with a light hand to get a soft and natural diffused lip look or be generous with your swipes and get a fuller lip look dressed in the “red tea” shade.

Gorgeous shade and amazing formula aside, this lipstick even comes in a beautiful packaging.

Photo source: @夏栗子/XiaoHongShu

The tip of the bullet is embossed with the iconic Bobbi Brown logo while its exterior features a luxurious gold casing.

Can’t wait to add this to your lipstick collection? Though this shade is sold out in our local retail stores, you can find it on LookFantastic. Grab this before others beat to you it!

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour in shade #64 Afternoon Tea retails for RM191, available at LookFantastic.

Featured image credit: @夏栗子/XiaoHongShu