Imagine that sweet cup of raspberry milk tea from your favourite bubble tea shop – now on your lips.

This lipstick doesn’t have the same hues as the usual “milk tea” drinks,  but takes on a slightly more vibrant shade with only a tinge of nude undertones. And guess what – we absolutely love it.

Photo source: @几碗粥啊-/XiaoHongShu

We’re talking about the Dior Addict Shine 90% Natural Origin Refillable Lipstick in shade #667 Diormania.

The bright pink tint it features remind us of a sweet raspberry drink that you want to savour on summer days. When you diffuse the colour, you’ll see the slight nude undertones it sports as it blends out into your natural lip colour, making for the perfect “milk tea” lipstick.

Great for a first date or a fun day out with friends, the raspberry pink shade doesn’t just look super sweet but also brightens the complexion.

Photo source: @几碗粥啊-/XiaoHongShu

While everyone is raving over the matte lipsticks from Dior, the Addict Shine series is an underrated lipstick series that we’ll recommend that you check out.

Addict Shine lipsticks come with a high-shine finish that gives your lips a juicy look that makes them look irresistible. We love the way the shiny finish makes it look like your lips are dressed in a hydrating balm.

Photo source: @几碗粥啊-/XiaoHongShu

And you aren’t just getting a hydrating appearance – your lips are truly hydrated by the jasmine floral wax the lipstick is infused with too, so your lips look supple and juicy all day.

Photo source: @几碗粥啊-/XiaoHongShu

We love how the subtle shine it comes with reminds us of thirst-quenching ice cubes floating in a cup of “raspberry milk tea”.

Photo source: @几碗粥啊-/XiaoHongShu

The formula and shade aren’t the only things we’ve fallen in love with. It is housed in an ultra-couture and refillable case. You can either stick to the classic, sleek black casing it comes with or switch it out for the limited-edition Millefiori Couture edition, Pink Cannage, or Indigo Denim casings, depending on which you feel vibes better with you.

Dior Addict Shine 90% Natural Origin Refillable Lipstick in shade #667 Diormania retails for RM170, available at Dior counters and boutiques, Dior online store, and Sephora.

Featured image credit: @几碗粥啊-/XiaoHongShu