There’s one thing all celebs on the silver screen seem to have in common—perfectly smooth and shine-free skin. You may think that actors and artists owe this effect to some sort of high-quality setting powder, but the answer may actually surprise you.

Well, one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets may surprise you – it’s a powderless setting powder!

A powderless setting powder?


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The Mally Beauty Face Defender is a gel-like product not only seals in your makeup but also mattifies your face and blurs your pores, resulting in a flawless airbrushed finish.

And the best part? It doubles as a primer too!

While the seemingly magical product has been around in the industry for a decade, user @thebeautyradar posted a now-viral TikTok video of it, reigniting curiosity and amazement over it.

Since it was posted last year, it has garnered over 1.6 million views, and sparked a series of videos from other beauty influencers trying it out.

Credit: @roseandben/TikTok

Created by former celeb makeup artist, Mally Roncal, the product has become a go-to on many film sets and used on the industry’s biggest names. In an interview with Byrdie, Roncal shared that it’s been used on stars like Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez.

“RuPaul is a big fan, too. He uses it all over—even on his bald head!” she adds.

How to use it

When using this as a primer, gently dab the sponge into the product, then apply it to your trouble areas. Give the product some time to set before applying makeup.

If you intend to set your makeup, tap the provided sponge onto the product and delicately pat it onto the areas where you desire added setting power or to reduce shine. The key is not to use a swiping motion, but a dabbing one, as doing the former could cause your makeup to shift or smudge.

Credit: @waynegoss/YouTube

You’ll get the best effect by patting the product on your face, and not blending it, as YouTuber Wayne Goss has demonstrated in his video.

Then, simply reapply as necessary during the day!

It works especially well if you live in a humid climate like Malaysia, where makeup meltdowns are commonplace. If you have oily or combination skin, or struggle with textured skin, this product may have a place on your vanity too.

When applied correctly, it helps to eliminate oil without disturbing your makeup underneath or leaving a patchy look, like a setting powder might.

Its versatility is a plus

The brand’s founder has also shared that it’s suitable for all skin types, which explains its sustained popularity through the years!

If you’d like a solution to your midday face shine or need a lightweight base for those “no makeup” makeup days, give this tried-and-true product a go.

Mally Beauty Face Defender retails for US$45 (~RM205.90) on

Featured image credit: @beautystylelist/Instagram