Forget boring bobby pins or pearl hair clips, because realistic food hair clips are all the rage right now — and we’re not mad about it.

Fresh from the feeds of RED (a.k.a. China’s Instagram), we spotted the fashion-savvy donning the most whimsical hair accessory we’ve ever seen.

Source: RED

Think bak kut teh meets duckbill clip, this hyper-realistic pork rib hair clip is one out of the many bizarre fashion trends from East Asia. And just like the sprout hairpins that took off in 2015, this one is sure to turn heads too.

Spanning six centimetres long, this chunky accessory can be worn as a statement hairpiece when you’re going out with your friends. While it may be a bit unusual, we actually find it quite adorable!

Source: Taobao

Even if you don’t see yourself pinning this on your hair, it also makes for a quirky attachment to your handbag.

Source: Taobao

So if you ever wanted to wear your dinner on your head but forgo the sloppy mess, these mini pork ribs may do just the trick. Get it on Taobao for only RM12.20! Plus, the store also sells a slew of other handmade realistic food accessories that will whet your appetite.

There’s no harm in trying them out for yourself and proclaim your love for bak kut teh!

Featured Image Credits: RED