Gather ’round, Pokemon trainers! Here’s an adorable Pokemon lip balm that will make for a perfect addition to your lip care stash.

Lovisia partnered Nintendo, which owns the Pokemon franchise, to launch a line of lip balms featuring some of our favourite Pokemons, including Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Snorlax, and Gengar.

These are jam-packed with honey extract, jojoba oil, shea butter, and ceramide, to provide gentle hydration to your lips.

We always love the little details when it comes to packaging and these lip balms do not disappoint. Uncap the lip balm and reveal the motif of the famous Pokeball embossed onto the lip balm.

Each Pokemon lip balm comes with its own unique packaging, flavour, and colour, all inspired by the Pokemon it corresponds with.

Pikachu – yuzu

The most iconic member of the Pokemon family, this electrically charged cutie is featured on a Yuzu-scented lip balm – the scent chosen to match with the colour of its iconic yellow appearance.

You’re sure to love the fresh fruitiness of the lip balm and how it refreshes your lips in our hot and humid weather.

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Pikachu Yuzu retails for RM45.93, available at Yesstyle.

Jigglypuff – strawberry

It is no surprise that this cute and round creature is included in this collection. Everyone loves Jigglypuff for its sweet aura and this lip balm is sure to give your lips the same sweet vibe.

Your lips will be enveloped in a strawberry scent upon application, making it perfect for all your day out with friends or date nights with your significant other.

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Jigglypuff Strawberry retails for RM45.93, available at Yesstyle.

Snorlax – melon

It’s hard to not love this relatable creature. Snorlax is almost everyone’s favourite Pokemon because of its plush appearance and constant need to take a snooze.

Despite its sleepy nature, its lip balm is sure to waken your senses and your lips with its fruity melon scent.

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Snorlax Melon retails for RM45.93, available at Yesstyle.

Gengar – grape

This Pokemon may not a perennial favourite for most of us but if this troublemaker speaks to you, be sure to grab this lip balm since it’s significantly harder to find Gengar’s merchandise.

The delicious grape scent smells so good, you need to stop yourself from licking it – then again, maybe you won’t since you’re probably quite a rebel just like your favourite Pokemon.

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Gengar Grape retails for RM45.93, available at Yesstyle.

Bonus: Psyduck – sweet berry

While this new collection only features four Pokemons, Lovisia actually has another Pokemon lip balm from another collection that features Psyduck.

Just looking at his face, which is printed on the packaging of the balm, is sure to give you a boost in serotonin.

Unlike the balms that were previously mentioned, this doesn’t have the Pokeball imprinted on the bullet; instead, this features swirls on its side, a pretty sight every time you twist the balm up for application.

Its formula boasts hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil to give your lips effective hydration. Plus, the sweet berry flavour it comes with will leave your lips tasting irresistible for any occasion.

Feature image credit: @yu.pikachuu1202/Instagram

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Psyduck Sweet Berry retails for RM43.35, available at Yesstyle.