This Chinese New Year, get ready to take your makeup looks to a whole new level with these adorable lip glazes from Pink Bear.

C-beauty brand Pink Bear has launched their brand new limited edition lip glaze collection to celebrate the year of the tiger. You can look forward to four shades – including a new one – that are CNY-appropriate.

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But the gorgeous colours aren’t the only thing that have caught our eyes. The unique cap toppers that feature the adorable Pink Bear in different head gears are off the cuteness charts and we can’t get enough of them!

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You can choose from five designs:

pink bear cny cap toppers

  • Dragon: an auspicious mythical character in Chinese culture that represents “success”
  • Tiger: This is probably the cutest of the lot – the tiger head gear is even wearing a hat of a Fortune god!
  • Fish: This represents “abundance” in Chinese culture
  • Lion: A tribute to lion dance, a traditional performance commonly seen during Chinese New Year
  • Bear with yuan bao: The yuanbao (gold ingot) represents wealth

Simply pick your favourite lipstick shade with the topper that catches your eyes to customise a lippie that will put you in a festive mood instantly.

Read on to check out the four gorgeous lip shades available.

Pink Bear G210, Heart Powder Li lip glaze

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Turn up the sweetness this Lunar New Year look with Pink Bear’s lip glaze in the shade G210, Heart Powder Li.

This subtle pink shade of lip glaze adds just the right amount of vibrance to your look while still looking youthful and fun. Plus, with a complementary shade like this, you can kiss your worries about your lip look clashing with your outfits goodbye.

Pink Bear’s lip glaze in the shade G210, Heart Powder Li retails for ¥89 (RM58.83) on Taobao.

Pink Bear G666, Lucky Hawthorn lip glaze

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You can never have too much good fortune, so go all out in bold red to bask in the festivities.

This bold red lip glaze is just right for giving you the perfect pop of colour to take your look to a whole new level.

Pink Bear’s lip glaze in the shade G666, Lucky Hawthorn retails for ¥89 (RM58.83) on Taobao.

Pink Bear G416, Caper Pepper lip glaze

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If a deep red lip isn’t for you, give Pink Bear’s lip glaze in the shade G416, Caper Pepper a shot instead.

Unlike Pink Bear’s Lucky Hawthorn lip glaze, Caper Pepper is the perfect blend of red complete with undertones of vivid pink. This bright red lip look is all you need to take your look to the next level, giving you an air of elegance with just one application.

Pink Bear’s lip glaze in the shade G416, Caper Pepper retails for ¥89 (RM58.83) on Taobao.

Pink Bear G609, Aojiao Milk Coffee lip glaze

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If you’re looking to break away from the traditional pink and red lip looks, pucker up with Pink Bear’s lip glaze in the shade G609, Milk Coffee. This lip glaze is brown-toned and has apricot undertones which are perfect for creating a stunning nude makeup look.

This lip glaze would be a perfect addition for those of us who are more drawn to creating natural looks. Plus, these lip glazes have a matte finish and Pink Bear’s Milk Coffee lip glaze would be the cherry on top for creating the perfect ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

Pink Bear’s lip glaze in the shade G609, Milk Coffee retails for ¥89 (RM58.83) on Taobao.

What are you waiting for? Get your claws on these lip glazes and channel your inner tiger just in time for Chinese New Year.