There are plenty of skincare products that promise to reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines around your eyes, but some of them take weeks or months of daily use before you being to see the effects. Fortunately, a faster solution has surfaced on TikTok.


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Last Monday, 54-year-old TikToker @trinidad1967 posted a video (above) demonstrating the dramatic smoothing effects of Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant FirmX Temporary Eye Tightener.

In a now-viral video, viewers could see a noticeable difference in the appearance of her eye bags, and at the end of her nearly three-minute video, the lines under her eyes had significantly reduced. “It tightens and it stays like this all day,” she said.

As of today, the video has racked up over 24 million views and spurred consumers to purchase six months’ worth of the Instant FirmX Temporary Eye Tightener. The brand even ramped up production over the weekend the accommodate the sudden spike in demand.

Following the viral video, the Instant FirmX Temporary Eye Tightener, which joined Peter Thomas Roth’s range of products about a decade ago, promptly sold out on the brand’s website last Thursday morning. It was sold out everywhere by the end of the morning, including e-commerce sites and brick-and-mortar stores.

How exactly does the Instant FirmX Temporary Eye Tightener work?

The key active ingredient used in the Instant FirmX Temporary Eye Tightener is sodium silicate. It creates a film on the skin that temporarily makes the skin appear tighter and taut, providing a fast lift as seen in the viral video.


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Susan Yara, beauty YouTuber, founder of Mixed Makeup, and co-founder of skincare brand Naturium, took to Instagram (above) to share more about the ingredient.

She compared the ingredient to an “astringent” and says it leaves a powdery, chalky finish on the skin. “If you use too much, it won’t look good. And also, if you add anything that has water in it, it completely goes away,” Susan warns.

If you’re layering a serum under it or a moisturiser on top of it, it’s going to stop the effects of sodium silicate right away. Its white powdery finish may also show up on darker complexions, so it may not look incredibly flattering.

Of course, the product boasts more than just sodium silicate. It’s also infused with brightening ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and line-reducing peptides, which can make a difference in your skin over time.

Dupes and alternatives

Credit: @peterthomasrothofficial on Instagram

The Instant FirmX Temporary Eye Tightener retails for RM157.97 and you can pre-order it on Revolve and Amazon. However, if you’re looking for alternatives, digital dupe finder SkinSkool has gathered a list of 16 products containing the same key ingredient:

  1. 5th & Glow Cyabags
  2. Bioderma Matricium
  3. Dermactin-TS Line Eraser 90-Second Wrinkle Reducer
  4. Goldfaden MD Liquid Face Lift
  5. Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer
  6. Hydroxatone Instant Effect
  7. Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio-Syringe
  8. Ling Skin Care Gift of Lift
  9. Monat 30 Second Miracle Instant Perfector
  10. Orogold Cosmetics 24K 60 Second Eye Solution
  11. Orogold Cosmetics 24K Rose Gold Iv Filler Concentrate
  12. Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Temporary Face Tightener
  13. Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Eye Serum
  14. PotentLift Advanced Instant Face And Neck Lift
  15. SmartFX SmartEye Wrinkle Lift
  16. StriVectin Hyperlift Eye Instant Eye Fix

Featured image credit: @trinidad1967 on TikTok