Hidden gem alert: this 5-in-1 beauty tool is a gorgeous must-have every true-blue beauty junkie should own

By Natalie Fu
18 January, 2022

Beauty tools are undoubtedly a beauty junkie’s best friend. There are so many tools out there, each with different uses, so it’s difficult to collect and try them all.

Which is why we got so excited when we stumbled across the NUDESTIX x Beauty Magnet tool set. This travel-friendly set features five different beauty tools with magnetic handles so you can easily attach and detach the tool you want.

Not only is this 5-in-1 tool super useful, but it will also look amazing on your vanity as well. Decorated in gorgeous colours of peach and rose gold, this set will add a beautiful aesthetic to your skincare routine.

But what does this 5-in-1 tool set include? We’ll go over each tool and most importantly, tell you where to buy this hidden gem.

Professional Derma Roller

Hidden gem 5-in-1 beauty tool professional dermaroller how to

This tool is a facial roller covered with 540 super-fine micro needles 0.3mm in length, allowing them to painlessly pierce the surface of your skin.

Sounds scary? This actually stimulates collagen and elastin for a firm complexion. Micro needling can also help in deeper absorption of skincare and target fine lines, dark spots, and uneven texture.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Hidden gem 5-in-1 beauty tool rose quartz roller how to

Facial rollers offer many benefits as they are designed to improve circulation, firm contours, and reduce puffiness. The massaging action also improves lymphatic drainage and tone your skin for a firmer feel.

The material of the roller also matters, as rose quartz stone offers an invigorating cooling sensation to soothe redness and better absorb treatments.

De-Puffing Eye Roller

Hidden gem 5-in-1 beauty tool depuffing eye roller how to

Similar to a facial roller, this de-puffing spherical roller ball is designed to fit the delicate contour area under your eyes.

The cooling ball promotes circulation, easing tension, and visibly tautening puffy under-eyes, making you appear more awake without that dose of caffeine in your system.

Comedone Extractor

Hidden gem 5-in-1 beauty tool comedone extractor how to

Get rid of pesky blackheads and whiteheads with this pore-decongesting tool. Just use the metal ring at the end to push the skin around the pore to dislodge debris.

Freeing clogged pores can minimise blemishes and dullness while aiding in deeper absorption of skincare. Plus, this tool also lessens the pain and difficulty normally encountered in squeezing.

Precise Tweezer

Hidden gem 5-in-1 beauty tool precise tweezer how to

You can now pluck unwanted hairs from the root with total control and precision to achieve those beautiful brows of your dreams.

We would even go far as to say this could become a beauty bag staple as you can also use it to remove stray hairs from the face and body, which is always an annoyance.

Where to buy

Interested in picking up this hidden gem for yourself? We know we’re already adding it to our carts so we can proudly display it on our vanity.

You can find this 5-in-1 beauty tool for US$85 (~RM356.45) on Ulta Beauty and Beauty Bay.

There’s also a 4-in-1 version without the professional derma roller which retails for RM239 on Sephora, but it’s unfortunately sold out at time of writing.