If you’re someone who loves treating yourself to a fresh manicure every now and then, here’s a hot nail trend you should totally try – “short nails”!

Recently, Instagram has been buzzing with nail artists flaunting their creativity on cute, rounded nails.

Not only do these nails look adorable and playful, but they also come with practical perks, letting you handle your daily to-dos without worrying about broken nails.

And guess what? The trend has even caught on with K-pop idols like BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and SNSD’s Taeyeon!


Photo credit: @sooyaaa__/Instagram.


Photo credit: @taeyeon_ss/Instagram.

So, if you’re planning your next nail salon visit, explore the curated inspirations we’ve selected below!

Simple Monochrome Styles for Everyday

Keep it classy with elegant monochrome styles. Perfect for those who like a simple look or for the nine-to-fivers who want a subtle touch to their short nails.

Inspo #1: Nude Matte

Starting with the basics, you can’t go wrong with nude-coloured nails! Take it up a notch for a more elegant look by choosing a matte finish.


Photo credit: @wednova/Pinterest.

Inspo #2: Cherry Cola

Red will forever be a classic favourite, so why not flaunt those viral “Cherry Cola” nails on shorter nails as well!


Photo credit: @nail_salondej/Instagram.

Inspo #3: Gel Gradient

If you’re up for a nail look that goes beyond the usual solid gel set, give the gradient effect a shot with a nail colour of your choice!


Photo credit: @_pgoo/Instagram.

Inspo #4: Mix Of Marble

For a touch of extra flair, experiment with marble effect nails that complement your chosen colour scheme.


Photo credit: @lizevybui/Pinterest.

Sweet Bow Designs

Thanks to Balletcore and the fashion icon, Sandy Liang, bows are in! Bow designs on short, round nails add an extra dose of playfulness and cuteness.

Inspo #1: Chrome Bows

Spruce up your nails with a touch of chrome bows for a unique flair!


Photo credit: @_pgoo/Instagram.

Inspo #2: Gypsum Gel Bows

If having bows painted on your nails isn’t your thing, why not go for a three-dimensional twist with gypsum gel bows!


Photo credit: @madisonnnrr/Pinterest.

Inspo #3: Bow Accent Nail

For a more subtle vibe that still makes your nails pop, opt for an accent nail to showcase the charming bow design.


Photo credit: @_pgoo/Instagram.

Inspo #4: Embellished Bows

Try a combo of French line nails and add some sparkle with embellished bows!


Photo credit: @madisonnnrr/Pinterest.

Elegant French Lines

If basic monochrome feels too ordinary, take it up a notch with an elegant French style – a subtle curve at the tips with ultra-fine lines. Whether you go for a transparent vibe or a pop of contrasting colours, it’s a classy choice.

Inspo #1: Chrome Themed

If you love the Y2K vibe but prefer a simpler look, switch up your French lines with a sleek chrome finish. Add a stylish touch with iconic Y2K designs like stars on your nails!


Photo credit: @kbeautyaddiction/Pinterest.

Inspo #2: Pastel Blush

If you’re into soft pastel vibes, this nail style will look absolutely adorable with that colour palette!


Photo credit: @nailbook/Pinterest.

Inspo #3: Colour Block

Feel free to spice things up with a burst of vibrant colours on your nails – it adds a playful, fun, and creative twist!


Photo credit: @haru08pp/Pinterest.

Inspo #4: Asymmetrical Lines

To give it a more artistic vibe, go for an asymmetrical style when drawing the lines – so effortlessly chic!


Photo credit: @angelowadesion/Pinterest.

Playful Hand-Painted Designs

For a unique and playful vibe, let your short nails shine with vibrant colours and hand-painted patterns from talented nail artists. Just a heads up – the success of these styles depends on your nail artist’s creative skills, so consult them for the best design choices.

Inspo #1: Sanrio Themed

Show off your favourite Sanrio characters on your nails! Pompompurin fans, this one’s for you, but feel free to explore other character themes as well!


Photo credit: @haloranails/Instagram.

Inspo #2: Y2K Themed

Here’s a nail look that truly embraces the Y2K vibe. Play around with iconic Y2K prints, like swirls, and spice it up with some jewels and nail stickers. Go for that chrome finish to take the look to the next level!


Photo credit: @1.800.nailme/Instagram.

Inspo #3: Adorable Flowers

If you’re all about keeping it simple yet adorable, pastel-themed flowers on your nails are the perfect choice!


Photo credit: @meatloafyyy/Instagram.

Inspo #4: Nail Charms

Let your creative side shine by playing around with nail charms to craft a nail design that’s entirely your own! Just make sure to pick charms that aren’t too large, so they fit your nails perfectly.


Photo credit: @haloranails/Instagram.

Glitter & Chrome Nails

Who says glitter and chrome are just for long nails? Let your short nails shine with bling-bling glitter or cat-eye nail art that glistens under the sunlight. It adds that special charm to your short nail game!

Inspo #1: Monochrome

Since this design has its own unique flair, let it make a statement by picking a nail colour you love and keeping it simple.


Photo credit: @yykkatt/Pinterest.

Inspo #2: Mixed Finish

Blend chrome and glitter in a mixed layout – the effect is absolutely dazzling!


Photo credit: @kbeautyaddiction/Pinterest.

Inspo #3: Chrome Nail Stickers

Take your chrome and glitter nails to the next level by jazzing them up with some playful nail stickers – think stars, hearts, and other fun designs!


Photo credit: @winter0ses_/Pinterest.

Inspo #4: A Pop With Accent Nail

Spruce up one nail with a charming design to elevate your look while keeping it clean and simple.

Featured image credits: @1.800.nailme/Instagram, @haru08pp/Pinterest, @taeyeon_ss/Instagram.