Even though we can’t go travelling to Japan, we can bring along a little bit of Japan’s spring vibes with us with this Mount Fuji inspired loose powder.

And you bet we’re already adding these beauties to our carts right now – every single one of them.

These powder compacts come in three beautiful designs and each of them are utterly gorgeous. There are three versions: pink sakura, lavender snow, and cloud-filled beige sky.

Upon opening the compacts, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful engraving of Mount Fuji. It looks so delicate we almost don’t want to use them.

There are three available shades, going from white, light beige, to beige. The powder formula will help you control oil and is waterproof to boot, so it will help you achieve a flawless makeup look throughout the day.

Each powder compact retails for ¥63.80 (~RM42.08) but there’s a promotion going on that cuts the price to ¥31.90 (~RM21.04) on Gogotale’s official Taobao store.

So, why wait and grab these gorgeous items now? We’re probably getting all of them.

Featured image credit: RED