We follow South Korean beauty guru Pony for her tutorials and style – even the lipstick Pony wore on her wedding received a ton of attention when it was revealed!


After the success of Icy Fantasy, Pony’s first collaboration with makeup brand Morphe, the two powerhouses have come together again this year to launch a new makeup collection: Constellation Sky. And we have to say that it looks like it came straight out of our dreams.

Inspired by the star-filled night sky, the products are swathed in adorable pastel packaging that has us swooning. There are only a few items in the line, which makes us tempted to get them all!

Constellation Sky Artistry Palette


The star (pun unintended!) of the show is the Constellation Sky Artistry Palette which features 39 pressed powder matte, shimmer, and metallic shades to blush, highlight, and bronze eyes.

It has a range of pink, neutrals, purples, and blues, allowing you to be more inventive in your everyday style or go all out and create positively radiant and dreamy looks.

The Constellation Sky Palette retails for US$36 (~RM150.79) on Ulta and Morphe.

Constellation Sky Lip Gelee Trio


Formulated with nourishing avocado oil and shimmering multicoloured pearls, these lippies change hues to complement your unique lip colour.

They come in three pastel colours: Crescent Dream (Lavender), Sky Whisper (Sky Blue), and Moonchild (Golden Apricot).

Can’t make up your mind which to get? Guess what – they are all sold as a bundle and that means we don’t have to pick and choose – we’ll get everything!

The Constellation Sky Lip Gelee Trio retails for US$20 (~RM83.77) on Ulta and Morphe.

Constellation Sky Face & Body Embellishments


Rounding off the collection are these gorgeous adhesive embellishments. These pastel-coloured crescent and star decorations will add a cosmic vibe to your makeup.

Not only are we starstruck by these designs, these are also created by Pony herself. We’re definitely impressed with how cute they look and can’t wait to pick these up.

The Constellation Sky Face & Body Embellishments retails for US$7 (~RM29.32) on Morphe.

Featured image credit: Morphe Instagram