With their MLBB (my lips but better) hues and wearable tones that go with practically any look, “milk tea” lipstick shades are perfect for anything from an office look to a girl’s day out.

Don’t want to break the bank while splurging on lippies again? We got you (and your wallet) covered. Here’s a list of “milk tea” lipsticks that are under RM60 you should snag, pronto.

Peripera Ink Velvet in shade #24 Milky Nude

Photo source: @一支秋千/XiaoHongShu

Any beauty junkie worth their salt knows that lipstick with a pretty shade is nothing without a good formula and finish. Lucky for us, Peripera’s Ink Velvet line has both.

Their iconic Ink Velvet makes for the perfect “milk tea” lipstick with its light beige hue. Ink Velvet also has a matte finish so glide this over the centre of your lips and you’ll get the perfect gradient lips.

You can get them for less than RM40 now that they’re on sale over at Zalora.

Peripera Ink Velvet 024 Milky Nude retails for RM35.28 (U.P. RM 49.00), available at Zalora

rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in shade #23 Nucadamia

Photo source: @胡神仙-/XiaoHongShu

If you’re someone who prefers a glossy lip look, the Juicy Lasting Tint from rom&nd is an option to consider.

You’ll get the juiciest pout with an irresistible wet-shine look once you swipe this gloss over your lips.

Shade Nucadamia is a mid-toned brown colour with a tinge of pink in its undertone. The natural colour of your lips will show through the gloss’s sheer finish and your natural rosy lips will pair well with this “milk tea” shade.

Snag this now while it’s being sold at a 40% discount (this is accurate at the time of writing).

rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in shade #23 Nucadamia retails for RM43.40 (U.P. RM62), available at Shopee

Etude Fixing Tint Lipstick in shade #04 Ginger Milk Tea

Photo source: @本田优仁(hondayuni)/XiaoHongShu

Etude House has made its return to Singapore’s retail shops and we couldn’t be happier now that we can easily get our hands on their adorable lippies.

Fixing Tint Lipstick has a mousse-like texture that will sit comfortably on your pout. Its buildable consistency is also great for creating a gradient lip look.

Its name perfectly describes its hue. This is a light beige shade with a splash of orange undertones mixed in the blend, perfectly embodying a cup of ginger milk tea.

Etude Fixing Tint Lipstick in shade #04 Ginger Milk Tea retails for RM54 (U.P. RM60), available at Watsons.

Canmake Melty Luminous Rouge in shade T02 Rose Milk Tea

Photo source: @舌灿桃花/XiaoHongShu

It’s time to show some love to our bullet-type lipsticks. Melty Luminous Rouge even features a bullet with an adorable heart embossment.

That aside, the shade Rose Milk Tea is a great option if you’re not a huge fan of full nudes. As the name suggest, it has a tinge of rosy pink hues that pair well with its beige undertones.

Your pout will get a candy-like appearance with the high-shine finish its formula gives you.

Canmake Melty Luminous Rouge in shade T02 Rose Milk Tea retails for RM55.89, available at Yesstyle.

Wakemake Water Blurring Fixing Tint in shade #05 Soft Brick

Don’t be fooled by the watery, glossy texture of this lipstick. You may think that it’s meant to be a gloss but it actually dries off matte.

With its watery consistency, you’ll be able to blend and even mix it with other shades to create any type of gradient lip look.

The shade you’ll be getting is a soft pink-brown with a tinge of apricot, giving it a sweet edge to the usual “milk tea” lipstick shade.

Wakemake  Water Blurring Fixing Tint in shade #05 Soft Brick retails for RM42.57 on Yesstyle.

Holika Holika Heart Crush Glow Tint Air in shade #08 Cuddly

Photo source: @oops_小猴子/XiaoHongShu

Never worry about touch-up constantly when using a lip tint like this.

After this glossy lip tint dries down, it’ll reveal a pout that’s stained with a gorgeous “milk tea” shade.

Holika Holika Heart Crush Glow Tint Air in shade #08 Cuddly retails for RM30 (U.P. RM49.90), available at Shopee.

Kaja Love Swipe in shade #03 Everygirl

Photo source: @zZzPanda/XiaoHongShu

We’re swooning over the heart-shaped bottle that houses this lipstick, which we’re sure you’ll be excited to flaunt by whipping it out from your bag at any chance you get.

Unlike the other “milk tea” lipsticks that may have aa hint of warm undertone, this shade is a mid-toned brown that completely neutral so you get a perfect nude shade.

Kaja Love Swipe in shade #03 Everygirl retails for RM55.77, available at Yesstyle.

Featured image: @一支秋千/XiaoHongShu and @oops_小猴子/XiaoHongShu