Happy Lunar New Year!

We’ve seen all kinds of Miffy merchandise from bags to stationery, but who knew it could be so cute when it’s found on beauty products!


We’re glad that SHOBIDO, a Japanese apparel and accessory company has collaborated with Miffy to release a makeup line in Japan made up of five super adorable products and other beauty accessories.


The products in the line include: a lip balm (~RM48.13 or 1,320 yen), face powder (~RM72.19 or 1,980 yen), lip and cheek balm (pictured above, ~RM60.16 or 1,650 yen), eyeshadow (~RM60.16 or 1,650 yen), and makeup sponges (~RM24.06 or 660 yen for a bag of 12).


Mirror, lip balm, lip and cheek balm, and sponges.

Of them, we’re most excited about these beauty sponges (pictured above, surrounding products) that are affordable and oh-so-cute. Here are more photos of the sponges so you know what we mean.




Besides these, the collection also offers mirrors, pouches, and even cotton swabs that are all given a Miffy-themed appearance.

The collection is currently only available on Yahoo Japan.

Photos taken from @y_r_miffy, @purelamo_official, and @yo.8.yo.8.