Tattoos hurt, and that’s something that can’t really be changed, which is why those who get them need to have a certain amount of tenacity and fortitude to sit through hours-long sessions to get them done.

But have you ever seen someone get tattooed live… while performing a song? Sabahan singer Mayabayu did exactly that.

She sounded out a seemingly crazy idea on her Instagram: she would sing her latest single Hot Girl Summer live while getting tattooed if the song reached a hundred Spotify pre-saves.

It didn’t take long to achieve the goal as almost 10 days when the challenge was first announced, Mayabayu came through with the live performance as promised.

Rynny Elf based at the Wayang Kulit Tatu Studio in Subang was the artist chosen to partake in this crazy project. As she poured over Mayabayu’s arm, the singer began her performance.

Mayabayu gets tattooed wincing

Although Mayabayu has several tattoos already, she could not help wincing here and there. She was even able to deliver solid high notes during the performance. Near the end, she couldn’t help but let out a cry of “Sakit!”.

Overall, she powered through and made it through the song and the tattooing, and we couldn’t be all the more impressed by her.

Mayabayu gets tattooed the tattoo

We’re in love with her new ink too! Her tattoo is a Heartbreak Hotel theme, which has the same name as her upcoming EP. It is a bright red broken heart encased in a golden frame and surrounded by flowers with the words “Heart Break Hotel” written on top of it.

If you want, you can watch the whole performance on Mayabayu’s Instagram here. We know we’re going to be rewatching this one.