It’s always fun to branch out and try different nail colours every now and then instead of just sticking to the classic shades like, red, maroon, pastels and more.

Don’t get us wrong, classic shades are amazing, but wouldn’t you agree that playing with colours just amp up your entire look! Now that you’ve got us to rely on, you can count that we will be sharing only the best and trendiest nail ideas we’ve spotted.

A new trend has come up. Known as Sage Green nails or Matcha nails, this is the colour palette you’d want to go for. We have compiled 15 Sage Green/Matcha nail ideas you’d want to try on your next nail appointment.

Shades of Green

We adore the creative play on green tones by the manicurist, who expertly blended various hues instead of sticking to a single, darker shade. This approach beautifully captures the essence of sage green or matcha-inspired nail designs, reminiscent of lush matcha gardens.

Green and White French Tips

This twist on French tips is simply adorable and charming! It really enhances your feminine charm. With both green and white tips, plus the sweet heart shape, it all comes together beautifully.

The Zen Vibe

If you’re all about simplicity and prefer a single shade on your nails, this is just right for you. It brings a serene and minimalist feel that’s perfect for any occasion.


Bring out your inner girly-girl with Ms. Matcha! If you’re all about nails that exude femininity, this one’s for you! Adorned with a charming 3D bow and delicate mini pearls, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look.

Emerald Elegance

This sage green nail design starts with a nude base and blends into a gradient of green shades on top, seamlessly merging both colours for a stunning finish.

A Fresh Bloom

Pairing a nude base with a sage green or matcha-inspired shade makes for a striking combination. It adds a burst of freshness to your nails. And when you top it off with delicate flower designs, it takes the elegance and charm of the design to a whole new level.

By the way, you can also play around with various hues for the flowers to make the whole nail design pop even more.

Creamy Matcha

We are loving this nail design – it totally remind us of delicious matcha ice cream! The white base is so creamy and the top part looks just like matcha swirls. It’s such a chic treat for your nails that you’ll want to flaunt everywhere!

Matte Sage-Green

Credit: @nailedbyresab/Instagram

The texture and swirling designs on this nail will definitely make your manicure stand out, and when you add a matte topcoat, it elevates the whole look, giving it a classy and contemporary finish that’s bound to grab attention.

Find Balance in Sage Green!


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Get in touch with your inner zen by rocking these sage-green yin and yang nails. The mix of white and sage green shades creates a serene and elegant manicure that perfectly captures the harmony of opposites. Transform your fingertips into a peaceful oasis, one nail at a time!

Sage Chrome

Credit: @meraki_nails_cardiff/Instagram

We bet you didn’t expect the chrome trend to blend so perfectly with sage-green nails, but it totally does! It’s a surprising and fabulous combination that gives you a one-of-a-kind look. The mix of sage green and metallic chrome is both subtle and eye-catching, making you look effortlessly stylish and modern wherever you go.

Choco Matcha

Credit: @disseynails/Instagram

If you’ve never experienced the delightful pairing of matcha and chocolate, you’re truly missing out. Not only does it offer a significant caffeine boost, but the flavour combination is absolutely divine. And let’s not forget about the stunning colours it brings to the table or in this case, your fingertips!

Whirling Matcha

Credit: @definelily/Instagram

With a hint of sage green shade delicately applied to the tips, set against a nude base and adorned with intricate white swirl designs, this manicure is simply mesmerising. Though the sage green shade is subtle, its presence adds a vibrant touch of colour that truly elevates the entire design.


Credit: @nails_and_soul/Instagram

The abstract gold swirls here not only enhance the luxurious feel, but they also add a touch of opulence to your nails. With a matte topcoat for added sophistication, or without for a glossy finish, either way, you’ll be dripping in luxury!

Matcha Tips

Credit: @thehotblend/Instagram

Don’t limit yourself to just one shade of nail colours. With mismatched and ombré nails still reigning as popular choices, this multicolour matcha or sage green manicure offers a refreshing option for those overwhelmed by decisions, as well as for those who simply believe that more colour equals more fun!

Mix n Matcha

Credit: @twilldidmynails/Instagram

If you’re drawn to the idea of a mismatched manicure but prefer a more restrained approach with just two shades, here’s evidence that you can still achieve a funky and playful look.

This style showcases the idea that various patterns can harmonise seamlessly when they share a cohesive colour palette.