When it comes to makeup, we often go for the big international names. But guess what? Malaysia’s got its own makeup scene, thanks to local women! This International Women’s Day (8 March), Daily Vanity is giving a shoutout to these homegrown makeup brands run by Malaysian ladies.

They’re doing some pretty cool stuff, and we’re here to show them some love and support. So, let’s dive in and check out what these talented women have to offer!

Nita Cosmetics

Founded in 2016 by Aznita Azman, NITA was born out of her passion for all things exciting, fun, and innovative. What began modestly with a collection of lipsticks and eyeshadows has since blossomed into a diverse range of cruelty-free, vegan, and proudly Malaysian self-care products, marking significant milestones along the way.


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Notably, NITA’s 2-in-1 Pemadam Foundation made waves in Malaysia’s makeup market, becoming the first local brand to offer a foundation with an extensive 16 shade range.

Recognised for their premium formulas, signature products like the Warung Matte Liquid Lipstick, Resepi Peelable Nail Polish, and Pentas Translucent Loose Powder have garnered awards and the admiration of many.

With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity (#nitaforallwanita), NITA continues to break barriers in the cosmetics industry, affirming that everyone deserves to feel beautiful inside and out.

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Kamelia Cosmetic

Born out of a childhood fascination with mermaids and a deep passion for makeup, Kamelia Cosmetics emerged from the fusion of these two obsessions. As a child, Kamelia was captivated by mermaid tales and the enchanting world they inhabited. Growing up, she developed a keen interest in beauty products, always on the lookout for affordable yet quality makeup options.

In 2014, while residing in the UK as a stay-at-home mother, Kamelia reignited her love for makeup. She was inspired by the array of affordable makeup choices available there, often adorned with adorable packaging and exceptional quality, a far cry from what she encountered back home in Malaysia.

In 2016, fueled by her entrepreneurial spirit and driven by the desire to provide safe, affordable, and trendy beauty products for fellow mermaids (whom she affectionately refers to as merbabes), Kamelia launched her cosmetics brand from the comfort of her own home.

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Velvet Vanity


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At Velvet Vanity, they’re all about simplifying your beauty routine, so you can feel like yourself without any fuss. Founded in 2016 by Adlina, they believe less is more when it comes to beauty, you don’t need a ton of products to feel confident.

They’re all about quality over quantity, with vegan, cruelty-free products proudly made in Malaysia.

Velvet Vanity wants you to feel empowered and confident, whether you’re touching up on the go or enjoying an extra 5 minutes in bed. Plus, they’re committed to making environmentally-conscious choices, so you can feel good about your purchases.

Happiness is being yourself, and Velvet Vanity’s products help you do just that!

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Kittie Yiyi

With a passion for eyeliners and cosmetics, Kittie Yiyi was inspired to launch a new sub-brand.

In November 2021, Kittie Yiyi Beauty introduced its inaugural product, the ‘Cross The Line’ eyeliner. The founder aims to offer safe and easy-to-use products that encourage both women and men to unleash their creativity and express themselves fully.

If you’re into expressing yourself and looking fabulous, you should definitely check out Kittie Yiyi’s makeup products.

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Launched in May 2014, dUCk was founded by entrepreneur Vivy Yusof. It all began with a profound love for high-quality scarves, with a mission to redefine the significance of wearing scarves as a celebration of femininity.

Narrated by the character D, the dUCk brand swiftly gained global popularity, evolving into The dUCk Group we recognise today.

From lip balm and hair care to lipstick, body butter, and face palette, they now offer a diverse range of products for you to indulge in.

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If you don’t know Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin, you’ve probably been living under a rock! Known as Malaysia’s entertainment queen, she’s adored by people of all ages for her incredible singing talent and charming personality.

Especially among the younger crowd, she’s an absolute idol. Back in 2010, she rocked the nation (and beyond) by launching her own beauty line called SimplySiti. Trust us, it caused quite the stir in both local and international markets. From cosmetics and skincare to fragrances, her brand has it all.

So, not only does she bless us with her beautiful voice, but she also gives us the gift of glam!

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Claire Organics

It all started with a maternal instinct to provide the best skincare for her baby. Driven by protective instincts, she delved into crafting her own bar soaps using breast milk. Soon, she extended her natural handmade soaps and remedies to others, naming the brand after her daughter, Claire.

After a year of using these natural bar soaps, she noticed a significant improvement in her skin’s health, free from irritation and flare-ups. This experience led her to establish Claire Organics, dedicated to using only the freshest, high-quality natural ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, and olive oil.

With a vision of promoting kindness and fostering a greener, healthier environment, she and her team aim to share the benefits of natural skincare with everyone.

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SO.LEK Cosmetics

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SO.LEK Cosmetics is the brainchild of siblings Dahlia Nadirah and Luqman Hakim.

Dahlia’s inspiration sparked during her visit to New York City in December 2015, where she marveled at the affordability of cosmetics without compromising quality. SO.LEK aims to redefine confidence and enhance natural beauty for its customers.

The name “SO.LEK” combines “alat-solek” (makeup) with the phrase “SO? Relax!”, reflecting the siblings’ casual demeanor. The logo, inspired by their late grandmother’s traditional eye-liner bottle, adds a nostalgic touch.

Fully committed to service excellence, quality, and affordability, SO.LEK competes with established names in the cosmetics industry.

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LUMI Beauty

Founded by Chryseis Tan, LUMI came to life because she believed that everyone should have access to glowing skin. Her goal was simple: to develop a skincare line filled with powerful, plant-based products and beauty tools that enhance your natural radiance.

But here’s the kicker – all of LUMI’s goodies are made with natural, cruelty-free ingredients that are super kind to your skin. Chryseis hopes that using LUMI will not only make you look fabulous but also feel confident and beautiful in your own glow.

Shop for LUMI Beauty here.


Chuck’s is all about celebrating your uniqueness and embracing your true beauty. They believe that real beauty shines when you’re just being yourself. That’s why they’ve got a range of skincare products designed to help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Their latest must-have is the Off-Duty Rice Cleansing Balm. It effortlessly melts away your makeup and leaves your skin glowing. So go ahead, embrace your natural beauty with Chuck’s and let your inner radiance shine through!

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Love a good serum? Cuura has you covered! Founded by Sarah Shah Nor, the same genius behind Malaysia’s modest multilabel fashion house, Modvier, Cuura steps in to meet a need in the market for skincare products that champion the goodness of natural ingredients.

Their products are all made locally, with ingredients sourced ethically from around the globe, ensuring they’re organic right from the source.

Take their first product, the Pure Beauty Oil Serum, for example, it’s a blend of premium oil that’s crafted specifically for those with sensitive acne prone, eczema skin. So, if you’re looking for skincare that’s as pure as it gets, Cuura’s got your back!

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