Need a new makeup organiser so you can store all your goodies from the 11.11 haul and no idea where to start? We’ve got you sorted with this list of the best and prettiest storage boxes we could find.

They’re all available online so you don’t need to get up and take a trip to Mr.DIY, Kaison, or Ikea for this next addition to your vanity.

With prices ranging from as low as RM5.90 to RM91.90, there’s something to suit every budget.

1. Stackable plastic storage organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers stackable plastic storage organiser

Although our most affordable option, you’re going to need more than one to really store anything but think of all the possibilities with these stackable storage organisers.

Coming in four different colours, you can mix and match to your hearts content. These multicoloured storage containers can go as high as you like and have grooves, so they won’t easily topple over.

Just imagine hiding all your lippies inside the makeup drawers and putting your taller beauty products on top for easy access.

The stackable plastic storage organiser retails for RM5.90 on Shopee.

2. Pastel-coloured cosmetic storage box

Prettiest makeup organisers pastel coloured cosmetic storage box

Add a hint of colour to your vanity or go with the classic white with these pastel-coloured cosmetic storage boxes. Its minimalistic design is something that can go with almost any style.

If you have tons of different-sized bottles this might be the perfect makeup organizer to sort and display them. There are also a couple of drawers suitable for hiding smaller items like brushes and lip products.

The pastel-coloured cosmetic storage box retails for RM6.19 on Shopee.

3. Korean multi-frame plastic organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers korean multi-frame plastic organiser

For those who love to have their products neatly sorted and in arms’ reach so they can just pluck the item and apply it to their face, this adorable Korean-styled multi-frame organisers are for you.

Suitable for pencils and eyebrow pencils alike, these cute buckets have dividers to easily sort your products from each other. You could even decorate them with cute stickers like in the photo above for a personal touch.

They come in six different colours: yellow, rose red, pink, white, blue, and beige. A little on the small side, this is another item you might want to buy a couple of.

The Korean multi-frame plastic desk organiser retails for RM7.95 on Shopee.

4. MIZONA 360-degree rotation storage box

Prettiest makeup organisers MIZONA 360-degree rotation storage box

We know a few of our friends reading this just can’t seem to help buying that one more lip tint. This lightweight storage box is perfect for keeping your lippie collection or other small items in a fun and fashionable way.

We’re all for this minimalist design and how we can easily rotate the multiple layers of circles to find the most optimal way to display our collection.

Coming in white, black, and a light pink, these unique storage containers could also be a great conversation topic. Just imagine your friends coming to your home and admiring this unique makeup organiser on your vanity.

The MIZONA 360-degree rotation storage box retails for RM11.50 on Lazada.

5. 360-degree spinning makeup organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers 360-degree spinning makeup organizer

Loving the 360-degree design of the previous storage box but wishing it were a little more fun? Then this makeup organiser is the perfect fit for you because it’s not only 360-degree, but it also spins.

This has everything you never knew you needed as you can display so many different cosmetic products with ease, from brushes to full-sized bottles.

Even if the product is too tall to fit in on the shelf, the shelves can be adjusted up and down, so you can customise the organiser to your liking. It also comes in black, a bright pink, or white.

The 360-degree spinning makeup organiser retails for RM12.80 on Shopee.

6. GMSHOP wall mounted cosmetic storage box

Prettiest makeup organisers GMSHOP wall mounted cosmetic storage box

Not enough room on your vanity or desk for anything? Try using up the wall space with this wall mounted cosmetic storage box.

Keep everything in this sleek storage unit which comes with a clear door to keep the dust out and the beauty products in. It also comes with a bottom drawer for you to put small products like brushes and lipsticks.

Not a fan of the teal blue colour? This product also comes in shades of white and a warm peach pink.

The GMSHOP wall mounted cosmetic storage box retails for RM20.80 on Lazada.

7. JIANYI acrylic plastic brush organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers JIANYI acrylic plastic brush organiser.jpg

Store your collection of makeup brushes in this acrylic brush organiser. This box has different-sized slots for each of your brushes to stand proudly on display.

If you’ve got those an expensive brush design from Sephora you’ve been dying to show off, now’s the chance. With 12 holes in total, it can fit four large-sized brushes and eight normal-sized ones.

Plus, if you’ve just washed your brushes, you can also put them in this case to dry as the design comes with a ventilation system which allows air to flow in and out of the box.

The JIANYI Acrylic Plastic Brush Organiser retails for RM20.89 on Lazada.

8. Transparent cosmetics makeup storage box

Prettiest makeup organisers transparent cosmetics makeup storage box

This clear cosmetic storage organiser is perfect for those with a huge lipstick, compact or eyeshadow collection. Everything fits neatly in their own little space in this makeup storage box.

You can both display your collection more proudly and find the items more easily with this transparent makeup organiser.

We especially love how the light reflects off the box, giving it an almost high end feel to the display. This could be a perfect item for those of you with lots of warm lighting around their vanity.

The transparent cosmetics makeup storage box retails for RM21 on Lazada.

9. Nordic cartridge brush holder

Prettiest makeup organisers nordic cartridge brush holder

Keep your brushes in a glamorous tub of beautiful pearls and make a statement with this simple but elegant brush holder. The pearls keep the item upright and in place for all to see in this storage box.

You could not only put brushes in here but also eyeliners, mascaras, and long lip products. What’s great is that the door easily slides open at the push of the tab, which means your brushes are easily accessible.

Since everything is kept neatly inside, there’s less chance for water and dust to make its way in, keeping your items clean until the next use. The holder also comes in colours of pastel pink and blue.

The Nordic cartridge brush holder retails for RM23.90 on Lazada.

10. Wooden plastic makeup cosmetic organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers wooden plastic makeup cosmetic organiser.jpg

Looking for something that looks a little more high-end? Keep your makeup neatly organised with this ‘wooden’ storage organiser.

There’s plenty of room at the top for all your full-sized bottles and mini bottles. With four different sized drawers, you can keep even large items like sheet masks and small items like eyeshadows. It also comes with an outlet for your tissues.

What we like about this item is that it also comes with its own mirror, so you can quickly touch up your makeup. This product comes in colours of black, pink, and white.

The wooden plastic makeup cosmetic organiser retails for RM29.90 on Shopee.

11. Birdcage cosmetic racks

Prettiest makeup organisers birdcage cosmetic racks.jpg

These iron-welded birdcage shaped cosmetic racks are highly elegant and add a touch of sophistication to the room.

Suitable for displaying even full-sized bottles, these racks come in two different sizes, a small and a large one with an additional shelf.

You can also easily move this around as the product also comes with a small hoop at the top so you can carry it.

Something to note about these racks is that while they are beautiful, they are also highly delicate and carry the risk of being bent during shipping.

The birdcage cosmetic racks retail for RM34 to RM45 on Shopee.

12. Large cat mirror cosmetic organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers large cat mirror cosmetic organiser

This cat mirror cosmetic organiser is paw-sitively purr-fect for feline lovers and those who love the cute and adorable.

Display your beauty products purr-oudly (sorry, we’ll stop now) using this organiser which also comes with a mirror so you can put on your makeup for the day.

You can even hide items in the two small drawers and use the space under the mirror to put more things.

Unfortunately, this item only comes in one colour, but there is a smaller version that’s available for sale. The smaller version is basically only the middle portion, with the mirror and the two drawers.

The large cat mirror cosmetic organiser retails at RM36.70 on Shopee.

13. Portable storage organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers portable storage organiser

Ever wanted to just pick up your entire beauty collection and bring it along with you? Now you can with this portable makeup organiser.

Keep all your shiny beauty products for the world to see behind this clear, dust-proof plastic case. There’s also ample room in the drawers to put all sorts of items including lippies, compacts, eyeshadows, and so much more.

This product comes in a range of colours such as mint green, pink beige, and white, with the choice of transparent or coloured drawers. There are also two different sizes, so you can pick which one you need.

The portable storage organiser retails for RM44.90 to RM70 on Shopee.

14. Dilas Home hexagonal glass organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers Dilas Home hexagonal glass organiser.jpg

Make away with plastic and replace them with glass with these uniquely shaped hexagonal glass organisers. Display your brushes, lippies, and eyebrow pencils with these gorgeous golden brass-trimmed holders.

With three spacious compartments of different heights, you can play around with the placements for the optimal stylish display.

The clear glass lets you admire the full view of the contents, so you can proudly display that cute limited edition lippie you just purchased.

The Dilas Home hexagonal glass organiser retails for RM46.90 on Zalora.

15. HOUZE cosmetic table organiser with double drawer

Prettiest makeup organisers HOUZE cosmetic table organiser with double drawer

Those who are care about their carbon footprint may consider this oval-shaped cosmetic table organiser.

Made of PP plastic, it is considered more environmentally friendly as it releases less toxins and breaks down quicker compared to most plastics.

This cosmetic table isn’t all about its degradability as it has multiple slots for an array of both full sized and mini products. It also has two spacious drawers to keep even more items including cotton pads, accessories, and jewellery.

The HOUZE cosmetic table organiser with double drawer retails for RM47.90 on Zalora.

16. HOMEY DIY cosmetic rack

Prettiest makeup organisers HOMEY DIY comestic rack.jpg

Go for the classic bright pink with this cute and functional cosmetic rack. Made of wood plastic composite, this is a great option for those who want to be a bit more eco-conscious.

This cosmetic rack has a flap that opens to a mirror, allowing you to do your makeup as you pull the items from the previously enclosed shelf. There is also a small shelf at the top of the unit to put smaller bottles and nail polish.

We love the extra roomy drawers, perfect for all our daily sheet masks. Curiously, the white version of this makeup organiser is slightly more expensive.

The HOMEY DIY cosmetic rack retails for RM59.90 to RM64.90 on Shopee.

17. HOUZE KLEAR multi slots makeup organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers HOUZE KLEAR multi slots makeup organiser

Go for the straightforward, clean, and minimalistic design with this multi slots makeup organiser that can look good anywhere in your room.

With adjustable slots, this organiser can accommodate almost anything, from lipsticks to powders to makeup bottles and more.

The organiser even as a handle at the top should you need to move it somewhere else; you can just pick it up and carry it off should you so wish.

The HOUZE KLEAR multi slots makeup organiser retails for RM61.90 on Zalora.

18. Wall storage box

Prettiest makeup organisers wall storage box

Wish you could put something in the very corner of the room but have nothing that really fits there? Try this wall storage box which will fit snugly in any 90-degree corner.

Coming in colours of white and grey, this rack is easily mountable as it uses suction cups to adhere to the wall. The different-sized shelves spin in and out to reveal the items inside, keeping dust and water out.

If you run out of space on the inside, you can even put items on the top of the box. There are also smaller versions of this organiser if it is too big for you.

The wall storage box retails for RM69.95 on Shopee.

19. USB cosmetic storage box with LED light

Prettiest makeup organisers USB cosmetic storage box with LED light

We’re especially excited for this cosmetic storage box because it features an LED light around the mirror, making it great for high-precision makeup.

To store items inside the organiser, simply flip open the mirror to reveal a spacious, dust-proof compartment suitable for storing larger products like tubes and bottles. There are also several drawers for storing smaller items.

We’re especially like the deep green colour here, as it has an elegant gold trim around the mirror. The product comes in pink and white variants as well.

The USB cosmetic storage box with LED light retails for RM78 on Shopee.

20. Light portable anti-dust makeup organiser

Prettiest makeup organisers light portable anti-dust makeup organiser

This is the ultimate beauty makeup organiser.

You not only have several compartments and drawers to accommodate beauty products of almost any size, but also a flip open mirror with a touch activated LED mirror.

Simply press onto the button on the mirror to adjust the brightness of the LED light. Talk about extravagant!

How is it portable? Well, if you fold everything up, there’s a handle on the back of the box which allows you to carry this awesome storage box with you.

Seriously, we’re in love with this organiser, how about you?

The light portable anti-dust makeup organiser retails for RM91.90 on Shopee.

Featured image credit: Lazada and Shopee