When we think of iconic cartoon characters that exude beauty and feminine vibes, Lola Bunny is definitely one of the names that pops into our head.

The Looney Tunes character first appeared in the 1996 film Space Jam but has since remained a feminine icon and as Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend.

As fans of Lola Bunny, we knew we had to share this Looney Tunes Lola Bunny makeup collaboration as soon as we laid our eyes on it!

The collaboration is with the brand Idolbeauty, a Mexican brand that focuses on smart formulas at affordable prices.

There’s everything from eyeshadows and lipsticks to brushes and bags to look forward to. In terms of design, you can expect gorgeous and bold looks that are iconic to the ’90s. Read on for the details of this ultra-adorable collection.

Lola Bunny Shadow Palette

Looney Tunes Lola Bunny Makeup Collab Lola Bunny Shadow Palette

We’re totally in love with all the vibrant colours featured in this eyeshadow palette – just think of all the fun and exciting looks you can create with these gorgeous colours.

These highly pigmented shadows come in glamorous metallics to spectacular mattes that look good with just a single swipe. They also include macadamia oil and avocado oil to hydrate the skin.

The Lola Bunny Shadow Palette retails for M$599 (~RM126.63) on Idolbeauty.

Lola Bunny Ink Lipsticks

Looney Tunes Lola Bunny Makeup Collab Lola Bunny Ink Lipsticks

These lipsticks feature the buildable colour of a lip tint with the hydration of a lip balm. Its creamy matte finish will give you long-lasting coverage.

With four shades to choose from including peach, pink, red, and wine, these are added with hyaluronic acid, squalene, and reishi mushroom extract for that extra boost of moisture.

The Lola Bunny Ink Lipsticks retails for M$996 (~RM210.60) in a set on Idolbeauty or M$249 (~RM52.65) individually.

Lola Bunny Brush Set

Looney Tunes Lola Bunny Makeup Collab Lola Bunny Brush Set

New brushes are always a pleasure to have, and these ones are made of ultra-soft bionic synthetic hair, which means they’re 100% vegan!

There are six brushes in total, including powder brush, foundation brush, tapered brush, concealer brush, fan brush, and eyeshadow brush.

The Lola Bunny Brush Set retails for M$829 (~RM175.29) on Idolbeauty.

Lola Bunny Selfie Bag

Looney Tunes Lola Bunny Makeup Collab Lola Bunny Selfie Bag

Just how cute is this crossbody bag? This vegan leather bag comes with a removable strap, so you can carry it by hand or as a crossbody.

We love how after you open up the Lola Bunny Selfie Bag, you’ll be greeted by even more Lola Bunny inside. That’s way too cute!

The Lola Bunny Selfie Bag retails for M$899 (~RM190.09) on Idolbeauty.

Lola Bunny Travel Bag

Looney Tunes Lola Bunny Makeup Collab Lola Bunny Travel Bag

Here’s the final item in the collection – a travel bag that is made of vegan leather and features the iconic bunny on the side of the case, as well as on the inside.

Why not take this with you if you’re planning on going on a trip soon? We can’t think of a more perfect travel companion to hold all of our beauty essentials.

The Lola Bunny Travel Bag retails for M$1,499 (~RM316.98) on Idolbeauty.

Featured image credit: Idolbeauty