Let’s be real: finding the perfect lip colour can be tricky, especially with so many options available. And for brown skin gals, the challenge becomes even greater. Not all shades flatter every skin tone, which often leads to frustration and using only one lip product every single time – because you just can’t seem to find others that compliment you.

Plus, the dreaded makeup drawer graveyard of unused lipsticks just stops you from getting more! Well, we know how that can feel, hence we’ve compiled a list of lip products that would look amazing on brown skin tones.

No more sifting through endless aisles or ending up with colours that just don’t work. Let’s find you the perfect lip product that complements your natural beauty and boosts your confidence.

Korean Matte Lip Tints For Brown Skin

3CE Velvet Lip Tint #Daffodil

3CE Velvet Lip Tint in #Daffodil provides a natural tint with a lasting matte finish. The formula’s soft, sherbet-like texture melts on application, imparting a rich, vibrant colour for a beautiful, all-day natural gradient lip look.

This retails for RM43.07 on Threebs

Rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint – 23 Vintage Taupe


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♬ –

This mocha-like shade complements not only brown skin gals but literally every skin tone. That’s what we love most about this lip tint. Plus, its velvety finish stays comfortable on lips all day long and doesn’t highlight dry patches.

This retails for RM43.40 after 30% off on Watsons

Rom&nd Milk Tea Velvet Tint – 04 Caramel Tea

Source: @cacaocosmetic/Instagram

Rom&nd’s Milk Tea Velvet Tint in 04 Caramel Tea presents a luscious, caramel-infused dark brick shade.

This tint offers a warm and rich colour reminiscent of indulgent caramel, creating a sophisticated look. The velvety texture ensures smooth application, providing a long-lasting and stylish tint that adds a touch of decadence to your lips.

This retails for RM44.64 after discount on Wooh.

Rom&nd Milk Tea Velvet Tint – 07 Rose Tea

Source: @fairness.store/Instagram

A graceful rose brown shade, this tint captures the beauty of a delicate rose, offering a sophisticated and timeless hue. It delivers a long-lasting and chic tint for a touch of floral elegance on your lips.

Perfect for day and night wear.

This retails for RM44.64 after discount on Wooh

Rom&nd Milk Tea Velvet Tint – 08 Earl Grey Tea

Source: @fairness.store/Instagram

We’ve got to say that Rom&nd’s Milk Tea Velvet Tint collections beautifully complements brown skin tones. This shade, reminiscent of a richly brewed Earl Grey tea, offers a toned-down darker brown. It provides a sophisticated and warm hue that mirrors the depth of a well-brewed cup of Earl Grey tea.

This retails for RM44.64 after discount on Wooh

Rom&nd Blur Fudge Tint – 04 Radwood


romand blur fudge tint 04 radwood . #fyp #kbeauty #romand

♬ In This Darkness – Clara La San

Another matte finish gem, Rom&nd Blur Fudge Tint in 04 Radwood is this deep and alluring wood brown shade. This tint smoothly spreads without clumping, ensuring a seamless application. The complete matte finish, devoid of any glow, adds sophistication, delivering an enchanting and rich brown hue that stays captivating throughout the day.

This retails for RM42.48 after discount on Wooh

Lipstick for Brown Skin

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte & Satin Velvet Lipstick – Royal Red Writer’s Recommendation

Every girl needs a classic red lipstick, and ABH’s Royal Red is a must-have! Royal Red is a brilliant and vibrant red, adding a touch of regality to your look. The highly-pigmented colour lasts all day, boasting a smooth and soft formula for comfortable wear. Unlike other lipsticks, this one doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry after application.

This retails for RM115 on Sephora

MAC Cosmetics Mini Lipstick – Ruby Woo

For a flawless date night or evening look, consider MAC’s red lipstick. It offers a perfect blend of matte and satin finish, providing versatility for various occasions. The formula ensures a smooth application and long-lasting wear, making it ideal for those special moments. Enhance your lips with this MAC lipstick, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall appearance.

This retails for RM72 on Sephora

Lancôme L’absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick – 196 French Touch

lip products for brown skin

A captivating brownish-red shade from Lancôme, the L’absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick in 196 French Touch boasts flawless colour and a powdery matte finish.

This iconic formula is elevated with a 30% moisturising rose balm, crafted from a blend of three hand-harvested roses. Freshly hand-picked one by one, these roses are combined with Hyaluronic Acid, ensuring both stunning colour and a nourishing, hydrating experience for your lips.

This retails for RM160 on Sephora

Dior Addict Shine 90% Natural Origin Refillable Lipstick – 720 Icone

Source: @eight8light/Instagram

Dior Addict Shine, crafted with 90%* natural-origin ingredients, provides 24-hour hydration and ensures a lasting wear of up to 6 hours. Encased in an ultra-couture and refillable case, the formula enhances your lips with a simple yet sophisticated brown shade while prioritising nourishment and longevity for flawless, comfortable wear.

Ideal for daytime, it offers an elegant look suitable for business meetings or any formal occasion.

This retails for RM180 on Sephora