The era when makeup was exclusively associated with women has come and gone, and this transformation can be largely attributed to Korean media.

Whether it’s in a K-drama or during a concert, you’ve probably seen your favourite male celebs sporting a subtle lip hue that gives off a “healthy circulation” look.

Curious to know what lip products these famous idols are wearing? Here are the oppa-certified lippies.

Credit: @eunwo.o_c/Instagram and Netflix

What to look out for when shopping for lip products?

Before we delve deeper into what your favourite Korean idols are wearing, here’s a quick guide to shopping for lip balms and other lip products for guys.

First, pick one that’s nourishing to tackle cracked lips, whether you’re planning on layering on colour after or not. Hydrating lip balms and tints are best for this.

Next, for a subtle boost of colour that leaves a barely-there effect, opt for buildable lip products that aren’t overly pigmented.

Lastly, lipsticks with creamy or satin finishes are preferred over overly glossy ones, as they give you a cool and sophisticated look.

Lip products that Korean male celebs are wearing

Benefit Cosmetics Play Tint: Actor Song Kang

Credit: Benefit Cosmetics

The actor who stole our hearts in shows like Love Alarm and Nevertheless was famously seen endorsing Benefit Cosmetics’ lip tint, bringing his charm and bright energy to the campaign.

In particular, he was seen wearing Playtint, which is a pink-lemonade lip and cheek tint that gives a rosy flush to the face.

Benefit Cosmetic Play Tint Playtint Cheek & Lip Tint retails for RM126 and is available at

Nivea Lip Balm: BTS’s Jungkook and Jimin

Credit: @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram

ARMYs, this one’s for you. The Nivea Lip Balm is a known favourite amongst two of BTS’s members. In the band’s early days, Jungkook jokingly promoted this product, even causing it to sell out at one point.

While this product mainly serves to moisturise your lips, the tinted versions used by Jimin and Jungkook in Cherry Shine and Peach respectively are pigmented enough to add a touch of colour to your lips without being overly dramatic.

Credit: @jimins_closet/Instagram

Like Jimin, you can even use it for a quick touchup after a day outdoors for a subtle,”no makeup” makeup look.

Nivea Lip Balms retail for RM17.50 at Watsons. A promotion is available at the time of writing. Tap in the link to see updated price.

Bobbi Brown Extra Tinted Lip Balm: Shinee’s Taemin and Song Kang

Credit: @bobbibrown and @xoalsox/Instagram

Worn by Song Kang and Shinee’s Taemin, Bobbi Brown’s Extra Tinted Lip balm is an ultra-nourishing lippie that recently got a formula upgrade. It’s now infused with nourishing ingredients like olive, avocado, and jojoba oils and available in six natural shades that provide a lightweight, just bitten look.

In particular, the shade “Bare Nude” serves as a great my-lips-but-better colour.

Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint retails for RM162 at Bobbi Brown counters and Sephora.

Melixir Vegan Lip Butter: Actor Kim Woobin and Monsta X’s Kihyun

Credit: Monsta X/YouTube

As seen on Monsta X’s Kihyun and The Heirs actor Kim Woobin, this vegan lip balm from Melixir glides on like a dream, with a hydrating blend of agave and shea butter that leaves your lips buttery-soft while reviving your natural lip colour.

In Kihyun’s vlog, he promoted the brand and mentioned liking the shade “Red Velvet.”

Melixir Lip Butter retails for RM70 and is available at Sephora

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment: BTS’s Jin

Credit: Fresh and @jin/Instagram

Ever wondered how “Mr. World-Wide Handsome” achieves his soft, luscious lips? Well, the secret is out: Jin from BTS swears by Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy to maintain his lips’ hydration, smoothness, and fullness all day long.

Its special formula is infused with sugar, an ingredient known for its moisture retention properties, along with sea fennel, an active ingredient that works well in reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment retails for RM120 and is available at Sephora.

Featured image credit: Netflix, @bobbibrown and @xoalsox/Instagram