Finding new fragrances are always fun, and those who love sweet scents are going to be in for a treat as we’ve found a collection of EDTs that are scented after dessert flavours.

Les Petits Plaisirs, directly translated to The Little Pleasures, is a delicious fragrance line made in Cugnaux, a town in the southwest of France.

Les Petits Plaisirs all flavours

They’ve got ten different fragrances, all inspired by delicious dessert flavours such as gourmet vanilla, coconut, violet macaron, bubble gum, and more.

So, if you’re a fan of sweet, aromatic scents, you can add these to your collection.

Les Petits Plaisirs caramel in hand

One of our favourites has got to be the caramel one, it smells just like the sweet caramel sauce you’d pour over an ice-cream sundae.

When you spray it, you’ll likely first notice the top notes of buttery cookies before being hit with the middle notes of tantalising caramel candy. After a while, you’ll be left with the base notes of coconut.

Les Petits Plaisirs caramel from top

The longevity is moderate, so you can enjoy the scent for more than a few hours as you go about your day – no need for constant reapplying.

After this, we’re definitely looking to pick up more of these Les Petit Plaisirs perfumes to add to our collection!

The Les Petits Plaisirs EDTs retail for ¥119.00 (~RM78.75) on Taobao.

Featured image credit: Les Petits Plaisirs