For years, our reliable pimple patches have been our loyal allies, diligently absorbing impurities and soothing those infuriating red bumps. However, imagine if a small patch could do more than just absorb – what if it possessed the ability to eliminate your acne with the power of light?

Introducing the LED pimple patch, the newest sensation in skincare that is taking over social media platforms and vowing to transform the way we combat breakouts.

But before you rush to add these groundbreaking technological wonders to your shopping cart, let’s delve deeper and uncover whether these patches are truly revolutionary or simply a passing trend.

LED Pimple Patch Hype on TikTok


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You may have come across beauty influencers like Koocat (@koocat on TikTok) showcasing these LED pimple patches, gushing about how easy to use and effective they are.

Koocat highly recommends the Light Activated Beauty Acne Light Therapy Patch whenever she encounters breakouts or skin irritation, especially when the temptation to scratch becomes unbearable.

In a mere three minutes, this incredible device managed to diminish her skin inflammation and redness! It’s almost unbelievable, isn’t it?

How Do LED Pimple Patches Work?

led pimple patches

Credits: @koocat/TikTok

It appears that blue and red light therapy, despite being undetectable to our eyes, effectively combats acne.

Blue light acts as a superhero, eliminating the bacteria responsible for pimples, while red light calms inflammation and redness, instructing those irritated bumps to relax. It’s no surprise that numerous facial treatments conclude with LED light therapy!

led pimple patches

Credits: @koocat/TikTok

Light Activated Beauty is at the forefront, introducing their Acne Light Therapy Patch that has been approved by the FDA. Imagine it as 60 small, unseen light displays that you can easily apply onto your blemish.

Using these patches is simple. Peel off the film, stick it on the gadget and place it on your pimple.

led pimple patches

Credits: @koocat/TikTok

Then, press the button, and let the LED light work their magic. No mess, no fuss, just a gentle beep when the battle’s done. Afterward, simply peel off the film from the device, dispose of it, and voila!

Light Activated Beauty Acne Light Therapy Patch retails for US$39.50 (~RM185.10) and is available on Light Activated Beauty. You can ship it to Malaysia via a shipping courier like vPost.

Before You Click “Buy”

led pimple patches

LED pimple patches are a cool new way to fight specific blemishes. They’re convenient, painless, and science-backed. But are they a miracle cure? Nope.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if they’re worth the price. These patches are pricier than your usual drugstore pimple stickers. Think of them as a mini investment in your skin, but weigh the cost against your budget.

In case you’re dealing with a severe breakout, it might be wise to seek advice from a professional dermatologist. They can provide tailored guidance and recommend more suitable options for your specific situation.

So, weigh the pros and cons, listen to your skin, and maybe give them a try. Who knows, your path to clearer skin might just have a tiny, invisible light show on the way!

Feature image credits: @koocat/TikTok