If there’s one Korean makeup trend that has captured everyone’s attention in 2023 and is still going strong this year, it’s the mesmerising juicy, glossy lip look!

Imagine having “jelly lips”, taking inspiration from the delightful sensation of devouring tanghulu candy, but this time, it’s all about that glossy finish on your lips. And the key to mastering this look? Melting balms!

So, if you’re eager to find the top melting balms of 2023 that will help you achieve that coveted lip look, you’re in the right place. Stay tuned because we have the ultimate recommendations from renowned Korean YouTuber, 미아 Mia!

Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm


The hype for this gloss is real 🫶🏼 #makeup #lipcombo #hourglassphantom

♬ sonido original – user61988815076

If you’re up for a little splurge, why not give this all-in-one lip gloss-balm a go? It not only pampers your lips but also delivers a pop of vibrant colour with a dewy, high-shine finish.

Enriched with Hourglass’ Conditioning Complex, the formula ensures your lips appear instantly softer and smoother, maintaining a nourished feel throughout the day.

The application is effortless, offering vibrant colour and comfortable wear without any sticky or tacky sensation. Additionally, it features Menthyl Lactate for a refreshing, cooling effect.


Photo credit: Hourglass.

This lip gloss-balm is available in 12 shades and comes in a convenient twist-up pen:

  • Entice 145: A bold fuchsia.
  • Haze 135: A charred rosewood hue.
  • Lucid 155: A coral tint.
  • Lure 175: Intense berry.
  • Mist 115: A delicate pale pink.
  • Slip 125: A rosy tone.
  • Thrill 165: A vivid red.
  • Trace 105: A beige hue.
  • Rise 100: A cool-toned beige.
  • Sense 110: A peachy beige.
  • Desire 120: A cool-toned pink.
  • Impulse 130: A deep red.

Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm retails for RM193 each at Sephora online.

Mude Drizzle Balm


드디어 나왔다..! 탱글립의 정석 🫧뮤드 드리즐밤 (mude drizzle balm)🫧 사용한 컬러 #03 Bebe nut 베베 넛 9월 18일 월요일 공식 론칭 예정인 뮤드 드리즐밤을 먼저 사용해봤습니다! 입술에 얇게 밀착하면서도 본연의 컬러가 내 입술 컬러와 은은하게 어우러지면서 탱탱 매력적인 립 메이크업을 완성시켜주어요! 고보습 제형이 버터 녹듯 녹아들면서도 끈적이지않아 데일리 립으로 딱이에요 ❤️ 제가 사용한 컬러는 3호 베베넛 컬러로 달콤한 복숭아 속살빛을 머금은 여리여리한 피치핑크 컬러랍니다 봄웜 분들 인생컬러에요..🥹❤️ 곧 전색상 발색도 들고올게요 🥰 #뮤드 #mude #드리즐밤 #글로우밤 #햇살광 #시럽광 #글로시립 #뮤드드리즐밤 #물광틴트 #립밤 #누디파이 #살몬잼 #베베넛 #베럴베리 #플럼바 #로즈베이 #애플슈 #컬러립밤 #컬러밤 #탕후루립 #립메이크업 #립추천 #글로우립추천 #glowlip #drizzleblam #촉촉립

♬ hata – kyra

If you’re on the lookout for a more budget-friendly alternative to the Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm, check out this option!

Its deeply moisturising formula adheres seamlessly, creating a luscious, syrupy glow. With just one application, it imparts a vibrant gloss and pure colour, spreading smoothly without any stickiness.

This formulation includes Shine Essence Oil Complex and castor seed oil, offering not only a rich colour tone, but also effective lip moisturisation.

Housed in a roll-on twist-up pen, it dispenses controlled amounts for precise application. The buildable formula allows you to achieve your desired glossy shine and intense colour without any clumping.


Photo credit: @mude_official/Instagram.

Choose from seven stunning shades:

  • 01 Nudy Pie: A subdued nude brown shade.
  • 02 Salmon Jam: A vibrant peach coral that evokes the freshness of grapefruit.
  • 03 Bebe Nut: Another lively peach coral, adding a fruity touch.
  • 04 Better Berry: A cool pink to enhance your skin tone.
  • 05 Plum Bar: A gentle plum hue.
  • 06 Rose Bay: A serene and sophisticated rosy brown.
  • 07 Apple Chou: A lively and clear red, perfect for daily wear.

Mude Drizzle Balm retails for RM71.50 each on Shopee.

Heart Percent Dote On Mood Dewy Melting Lipstick


Heart Percent Dote On Mood Dewy Melting Lipstick in 02 Lively Pink 🩷✨💗 Get it too in @OLIVE YOUNG Global App and get 5% off using my code “KIZHA28” ❤️ #heartpercent #heartpercentlippencil #heartpercentdoteonmood #oliveyoung #oliveyoungaffiliate #oliveyoungglobal


If you’re into that slick, glossy vibe with a texture that’s super soft and melty, here’s a suggestion for you to check out!

The Heart Percent Dote On Mood Dewy Melting Lipstick is a lightweight sheer lipstick that delicately dissolves onto your lips upon application, giving you that instant and long-lasting hydration like a lip balm but with a high-shine, dewy finish.

Featuring a non-sticky consistency, it provides both shine and comfort. Effortlessly gliding on, it enhances the appearance of fuller lips with an ultra-shiny, wet look. Infused with natural oils and extracts, this formula ensures moisturisation, keeping your lips soft and supple.


Photo credit: Heart Percent.

Packaged in a twist-up pen with a dial for precise control (1mm increments), this lipstick is available in six versatile shades for everyday wear:

  • 01 Dewy Glow: A dewy glow in transparent pink.
  • 02 Lively Pink: A clear dewy glow enhanced by a lively, cool pink rose.
  • 03 Like Caramel: A nude caramel beige shade.
  • 04 Rosy Fig: A MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade in fig rose.
  • 05 Mauve Dew: Rose mauve with a touch of dewy allure.
  • 06 Mood Brown: A nude beige shade with a hint of brown.

Heart Percent Dote On Mood Dewy Melting Lipstick retails for RM62.58 each on Shopee.

Daisique Melting Candy Balm


The first and last shades are my faves💕 full review of the formula is below too! Dasique melting candy balm swatches #beauty #makeup #kbeauty #dasique #meltingcandybalm #glossybalm #koreanmakeup @Sarah✨ Makeup & Skincare

♬ GODS – League of Legends & NewJeans

This lip product from Daisique is an absolute must-have! It’s the perfect balm for layering, and the colour becomes more lively with each application, resulting in a delightful candy-like gloss.

It not only adds a pop of colour but also provides moisture without any sticky residue, leaving your lips feeling soft and hydrated.

The formula comes in a convenient non-retractable twist-up pen, making it easy to dispense the perfect amount of product. The formula features a Hybrid Gelling System, ensuring a smooth and soft application, eliminating the stiffness associated with wax.

The melting-fit texture gently melts on your lips, creating a gorgeous candy-like glossiness. And it’s vegan certified!


Photo credit: @dasique_th/Twitter.

Treat yourself to five lollipop-inspired shades:

  • Gentle Peach: A soft nude peach that gives your lips a subtle colour with a warm tone.
  • Apple Cinnamon: A calm red-brown shade.
  • Rose Milk Tea: A versatile soft rose shade suitable for both warm and cool tones.
  • Nudy Fig: A cool-toned, muted mauve pink with a touch of cream for a sophisticated finish.
  • Sugar Plum: A cool-toned berry pink that lightens up your skin tone.

Daisique Melting Candy Balm retails for RM49.98 each on Shopee.

Rom&nd Glasting Melting Balm


The new fall shades of the Romand melting balms are so pretty 😩🍂✨ #romand #romandglastingmeltingbalm #kbeauty #glossy #glossylips #lipbalm #lipgloss #glossybalm #kbeautymakeup #newrelease #fall #fallcollection #autumn #lipbalmaddict #swatches #tryon

♬ Blank Space (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

If you love rom&nd, you’ve probably seen their lip tints go viral, and The Glasting Melting Balm is no different!

This balm gives your lips a clear and smooth watery glow without feeling heavy. It adds vibrant colour evenly as soon as you apply it. The twist-up pen lets you easily control the amount you want on your lips.

Part of Rom&nd’s Ve easy line, it’s a vegan makeup collection with plant-based ingredients and lively colours.

The formula, with highly refractive oil and clear wax, creates a glossy and vivid look. You can layer it up, thanks to the water holding system that keeps your lips hydrated and prevents dryness.

Enriched with plant-based oils like argan, rosa canina, and oenothera biennis, it’s comfortable for long wear without irritation.


Photo credit: Multybeauty.

Choose from seven beautiful shades:

  • Coco Nude (01): A soft apricot beige.
  • Lovey Pink (02): A lively light pink.
  • Sorbet Balm (03): A fresh coral colour like grapefruit.
  • Hippie Berry (04): A cool berry red.
  • Nougat Sand (05): A soft nougat brown.
  • Kaya Fig (06): The classic rosy fig colour.
  • Mauve Whip (07): A gentle daily mauve cream.

Rom&nd Glasting Melting Balm retails for RM34.98 each on Shopee.

Featured image credits: @beautystylelist/TikTok, @hohobeauty/TikTok, @bae_jita0404/TikTok.