We love and applaud good bangs, especially when they elevate our look and bring out more of our radiant beauty.

Whether it’s cutesy or edgy, this trendy hairstyle is also a popular choice among many K-pop stars. However, celebrity or not, there’s one “bang struggle” that we all face.

Remember how frustrating it is to keep your bangs still, especially when the wind comes or you’re sitting near a fan? It’s almost like your bangs have a mind of their own that’s on the opposing team and set on exposing your forehead or making you look frazzled instead of chic.

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve discovered the ultimate weapon to wield for bangs that won’t budge!

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The “special bang spray” K-pop idols use


bangs forever baby

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We can’t deny how part of these Korean stars’ allure is their luscious and 24/7 picture-perfect hair.

Ever wondered how your favourite K-pop idols like Blackpink and NewJeans have their bangs stay still even while they’re dancing on stage?

Instead of gatekeeping it, TikToker @jihoonkm took to the platform to share the “special bang spray” that K-pop idols use to glam up before their concerts.

how to make your bangs stay still, bangs hack

Made in Korea and from Daleaf’s well-loved “unbreakable styling” haircare line, a few spritzes of this styling fixer on your bangs will make it stay however you like for hours.

It has a water formulation consisting of nine protein complexes for deep nutrition in the hair and gingerol to calm and vitalise the tired scalp. The high-concentrated protein also works to fill in your hair cuticles, making them soft, strong, and less damaged.

The Daleaf Glam Styling Fixer is also said to relieve hair loss, replenish moisture to rough and brittle hair, give a soft shine to your tresses, and help prevent static electricity which could lead to frizzy hair.

how to make your bangs stay still, bangs hack

Credit: @dashu_my/TikTok

Satisfied customers have shared how the hairspray “reduced hair roughness”, is convenient to use any time, anywhere, and made their locks softer after use.

As a bonus, this styling fixer also produces a lovely rose and musk fragrance, in case you’re wondering what scents K-pop idols use.

Daleaf Glam Styling Fixer (200ml) retails for RM62.42 instead of RM111 at Shopee. A discount is offered at the time of writing. Tap in to see the updated price.

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How to use the Daleaf Glam Styling Fixer

All you need to do is direct the nozzle at your bangs, spray, let your hair absorb the product fully, and you’re done! Yes, it’s that easy.


Secret to beautiful long lasting full bangs? 💜 DALEAF Glam Styling Hair Spray Fixer Use our code and get 10% additional discount. Code : daleaf10 #shopeemalaysia

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The Daleaf Glam Styling Fixer is also used by many to add long-lasting volume to the hair. Just like how you would set your makeup, spray the product on your hair before you style it.

After styling, with hair rollers, heating tools, or dryers, spray the styling fixer over your bangs or all over your hair.

While waiting for the product to dry, you can even massage it into your hair for better absorption.


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And you don’t have to have bangs to buy and use this magical hairstyling product! It’s also a great tool to smooth down flyaways or recreate other trendy hairstyles like spiky buns.

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Feature image credit: @heawu____/TikTok, @jihoonkm/TikTok, @dashu_my/TikTok